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The Happy Volts Asylum is a fictional mental hospital located in Blue Skies Industrial Park in Bully.


The asylum is located just off the Blue Skies Industrial Park, near the meadows behind Bullworth Academy. To the east is the industrial park, and to the west is the academy Observatory.

Happy Volts Asylum Map


The asylum is where the mentally ill patients of Bullworth Town, Old Bullworth Vale, New Coventry, and the Industrial Park reside. The sign in front of the entrance reads "Home for the Mentally Unwell". The asylum has some part in the game, greaser leader Johnny Vincent ends up admitted, as well as the academy's English teacher, Mr. Galloway. Jimmy breaks into the asylum on both occasions in order to break Johnny and Mr. Galloway out.

The entrance to the asylum is locked from the inside, and the only way to enter it is through a tree along the side of the asylum's fence. The asylum is guarded by Orderlies. Patients can be heard screaming when in the asylum, but are not seen.

Block A

This block is in use, and houses many of the cells in which the patients reside in.

B Block Asylum

Jimmy in front of the gates to block B.

Block B

This block is also in use, and also houses many of the cells in which patients reside in.

Block C

Block C is unclean and run-down, and the morgue is located here. Additionally, there are multiple X-rays, an operating table, and a very long sink. If regularly visited, a door marked 'Employees Only' may be entered, which leads to a fenced off area.


There are a few known patients at the Happy Volts Asylum.


  • Jimmy and Gregory

    Jimmy conversing with Gregory.

    If busted by an Orderlie, Jimmy will be sedated and his vision will go green and distorted, and he will faint.
  • In the morgue, there are various alien-like X-rays and even an alien-like skeleton model. This is widely used evidence for the myth of aliens in Bully.