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Harrington House is the Preppies' fraternity house at Bullworth Academy in Bully.

Harrington House

The outside of Harrington House.

Location Summary

Harrington House is located southwest of the main school building, opposite of the Auto Shop and near the Gym area.

The building of the house was funded by Mr. Harrington, Derby Harrington's father. In-game dialogue suggests that Harrington House is a private dormitory for the Preps, though no beds or sleeping quarters are seen in it--though they may simply be inaccessible to the player.

Harrington House entrance

The entrance to Harrington House.

Harrington house 2

Preppies and Non-Clique students in front of Harrington House.

It has a total of four stories, and various balconies. The first three floors are filled with fine art pieces, such as frat paddles, knight armors, and plaques. The top floor is a greenhouse and holds the Crapula Maxima venus fly trap that Derby owns.

Outside of Harrington House, there is a large paved area. To the right is a climbable tree that leads to an area with a dumpster and a path to the gym, and to the left is a grassy area where Chad Morris' dog Chester lives. For detention, students occasionally have to mow this area.
Harrington house

Jimmy Hopkins standing inside of Harrington House.

Because of a civil ruling, the Preppies were forced to allow students of lower income levels to submit applications to join the Harrington House fraternity but were allowed to use their own criteria to accept or decline. Their criteria consisted of family earnings and genealogy.

At one point in the game, Chad and Gord Vendome offer menial labor work for other students, and at another point, a notice comes up for a private by-invitation-only party at the House.


The header for the sweepstakes.

Rockstar's Harrington House Initiation Rites Sweepstakes identified Harrington House as being part of a fraternal society.

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