"I promise you, after this, things are never gonna be the same again!"
— Gary Smith

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Help Gary is a storyline mission in Chapter 1 of Bully.

Help Gary
Gary hole
Gary standing by Earnest Jones and Pete Kowalski near the entrance to The Hole.
Location: Boys' Dorm
Time(s) Available: Before curfew

Unlocks: Russell in the Hole

Mission Summary

Gary Smith is sitting on the couch in the Boys' Dorm common room, muttering under his breath and drumming his fists on his knees. Jimmy Hopkins enters the dorm, and Gary turns around and eagerly tells Jimmy to come along and that he's found something 'incredible'. Jimmy stops him, telling him he cannot continue getting into trouble, as he cannot be expelled once again. Gary becomes irritated at this, and screams at Jimmy that all he cares and worries about is himself, and that he is thinking about the bigger picture, and that all Jimmy worries about is getting into trouble.

Jimmy asks what Gary means by 'bigger picture', and Gary replies saying that he, but then corrects himself to 'we', and that they will take over the school. Annoyed, Jimmy replies that they are not taking over anything yet, but Gary replies that 'time and tide wait for no man', and then calls Jimmy a 'wanna be tough guy who's nothing but a little girl'. Jimmy begins walking off at that comment, but Gary stops him, promising that after this nothing will be the same again. He then reveals he has stopped taking his medication, and then walks off in the direction of the dorm's exit, and Jimmy reluctantly follows.

First, the two head to the parking lot where Gary baits Bullies Trent Northwick, Davis White, and Troy Miller into attacking them. After Jimmy and Gary beat the trio up, Gary leads Jimmy into the school's basement.

The basement offers various challenges to navigate through it. First, Jimmy pulls on a switch to open the door so that they may advance. In the next room, in order to access the switch, Jimmy must jump a fence.

In the next room, Jimmy uses his slingshot to fire at a broom and make it fall onto the switch inside of a locked cage. After that, the pair encounter a cage that is electrified with live wires, and Gary holds down on a switch to momentarily cut off the power while Jimmy crawls through a small opening of the cage, activating the switch before the two carry on. In the last room, Jimmy fires at a furnace with a fire extinguisher in order to lower the temperature and cut off the steam leak blocking the door.

The two pass through the entrance and run down a long corridor. Gary leads Jimmy into The Hole, and the next mission, Russell in the Hole begins automatically.

Video Walkthrough

The following video contains this mission, Russell in the Hole, and the beginning sequence to Chapter 2.

HD Bully Scholarship Edition 14 Help Gary & Start of 2nd Chapter10:52

HD Bully Scholarship Edition 14 Help Gary & Start of 2nd Chapter

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