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"Being 6'9 is a god damn curse"
— Hermann

Hermann Schmidt is a fifth generation Original Character created by Westside JDM. He is officially the tallest OC in Westside JDM's OC fleet.

Hermann Schmidt
Hermann Schmidt
Birthday November 30th, 1989
Aliases - Herr Schmidt
Eye Color Achat Gray
Hair Color Beluga Brown
Height 6'9
Grade Junior
Clique None
Status New Student
Gender Male
Nationality German
African American
Rival Cody Mason
Creator Westside JDM


Hermann's most notable physical feature is his height. He stands at a monumental 6'9, He has naturally tan skin, with achat gray eyes and beluga brown hair. He wears a triple extra large non-clique uniform, with size 14 converse shoes.

In the winter, he puts on jeans, and a teal sweater, with snow boots.

He also has quite a bit of muscle on him, from working out with his dad.


Hermann is a rather silent individual. He hates his height, because he always bumps his head on things. He wishes he was shorter, like about nine inches shorter. He also wants to be on the football team, and the basketball team, but he's not sure how he's gonna join, due to Cody Mason, a student who has the same problem, he's extremely tall.

Hermann is also extremely bossy, and he's a neat freak. He doesn't tolerate messes, and if one thing is out of place, he will stop whatever he is doing and will clean it up.

He dislikes the thought of anarchy, and frequently talks about war and politics, due to intentions to either be in the military or become a politician. To add to this, wants to be a democratic politician, since he grew up in a house of democrats.

Lastly, he dislikes short girls. He thinks they look unrealistic. He prefers his girlfriends to be 5'11 to 6'6, Somehow, most of the short girls like him for his height, most likely because they want someone like him to protect them.

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