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"You all need to shut the fuck up."
— Matt Miller

The Hippies are a clique created by Westside JDM.


Leader: Matt Miller
Second in Command: Manny Sollid
Hierarchy Position: Next to the Bullies
Rival(s): Goths
Main Hangout: New Coventry

Clique summary

They are easily identified as the rappers, skaters, and stoners in the school. They all wear baggy clothing, and are stereotyped to be failures later in life. They usually like to cause problems with the other cliques. They are pretty low in hierarchy, and they don't really let anyone into the clique, They do have small affiliations with people outside of the clique. Most of the students in this clique are bullies.

They can be found in either New Coventry or Blue Skies Industrial Park

They all don't like authority, but they still play by the rules, because what they do is considered grounds for expulsion


Picture Name Description
Matt Miller


Matt is the leader of the clique. He may be short, and girls think of him as cute, but he is a nasty person deep down. He is a liar, and a cheat, and a punk.
Manny Sollid


Manny is the second in command. He is heavily rumored to be a psychopath, with multiple personality disorders. He is another liar. When he fights, he's not afraid to injure somebody with his punches. Lastly, he is rumored to be a major stalker.
Samuel McDaniel
Samuel McDaniel Samuel is a rude and loud person. He's stupid and he lacks boundaries. Also a very in-your-face kind of person. He is one of Bullworth's most feared fighters, knowing boxing and wrestling, and being an ex-jock.
K.C. Gaucher
K.C. Gaucher K.C. is a cruel person. He likes to mock and antagonize the special ed kids that don't get help. He got kicked out of his old clique, because his old clique mates realized that he's a legitimate bully.
Andrew Schooley Andrew is a highly immature person. He tends to do stupid things and he's extremely prone to picking fights with the wrong people.
Kyle Sanchez

Kyle is another immature person. He is known to be a know-it-all when it comes to cars. Lastly, he frequently smarts off to teachers and prefects.

Caleb Row
Bodhi Swete
Emma Murphy
Emma Murphy Emma is a girl who likes to cause drama with other boys in the clique, and then lies to her boyfriend about them asking her out, which makes him angry.

Other Links

  • Eazy - The clique's theme song

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