"I seriously don't get why people bully others. It's just not right!"
— Indica

Indica Frantagelo is a sixth generation Original Character created by Westside JDM. She is a new student at the academy.

Indica Frantagelo
Indica Frantagelo
Birthday June 16th, 1990
Eye Color Light Brown
Hair Color Rusette Brown
Height 5'6
Grade Junior
Clique None
Gender Female
Hometown Albequerque, New Mexico
Nationality Greek
Creator Westside JDM


Indica has rusette brown hair styled into French braid pigtails, and bangs, with light brown eyes. She stands at a height of 5'6. She is said to be highly attractive.

She wears a red T-shirt, with blue shorts, and black mary-janes. However, in the winter, she simply puts on a gray hoodie with black tights and long black gloves.

For Halloween, she dresses as Dina Morti.


Indica is a very liberal person, when it comes to bullying. She's stood up for a few nerds, out of sympathy; for she is frequently picked on by Mandy. Despite this, Indica stays strong and fights back, and she drowns out the haters.

Usually, Indica is very direct with her words. Sometimes even a little blunt. She's also known to be brutally honest with people.

In a conversation, Indica almost never breaks eye contact with people, but not to the point where she doesn't blink.

Lastly, Indica is a friendly person, but most people think she's more than friendly, and she wants to date them, and she isn't really looking for a relationship at the moment.

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