"People think I'm helpless because I'm a blonde, but I can fight, I swear."
— Isabella

Isabella Pfeifer is a fourth generation Original Character created by Westside JDM

Isabella Pfeifer
Isabella Pfeifer
Birthday July 16, 1990
Aliases - Izzy
Eye Color Liquid Blue
Hair Color Modena Blonde
Height 5'7
Grade Junior
Clique Preps
Relationship Status Single
Hometown San Fransisco, California
Nationality Swiss
Rival Patricia Pagano
Viktoria Ivchenko
Affiliations Preps
Main Hangouts Harrington House
Old Bullworth Vale
Creator Westside JDM


She has Modena Blonde hair, with Liquid Blue eyes, standing at a height of 5'7, She has a petite build, with some curves.

Uniform wise, she wears the prep uniform, with black Mary Janes, and white knee socks. In the winter, she puts on a white turtle neck, with white tights, and a white beanie.

She may look defenseless, but she as a matter of fact can defend herself.

For Halloween, she dresses as a fairy.


She's much friendlier to those who are less fortunate, There are certain people around the academy she is likely to give some money to, so they can get lunch, or buy something for themselves, She is also more aware about the atrocities in the world that are currently happening, rather than focusing on herself and what shade of lipstick she'll wear the next day.

Unlike most of the other prep girls, she's much more honest than the other prep girls, If she's gonna reject somebody, she's not gonna reject them because they aren't six feet tall or don't have a tan body, she's likely to give them a real reason why she rejected them, she also rarely makes excuses for people.

She is friends with the guerrillas, despite the guerrillas dislike the preps, they still let her help out on their attacks on Mr. Silacci, and supports their anti-bullying campaigns.

She thinks tall guys are overrated, she prefers her boyfriends to either be shorter than her, or at the same height as her.

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