"I can sleep with my eyes open..."
— Ivan Alexander

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Ivan Alexander is a Non-Clique Student in Bully.

Ivan Alexander
Clique Non-Clique Students
Gender Male
Kissable No
Voice Actor Cohlie Brocato

Character Summary

Ivan is skinny, and has brown hair that is parted to the left with dark blue eyes. He usually wears a dark teal Bullworth sweater over a white collared shirt and a black tie, along with tan slacks. In the winter, he adds a yellow scarf. If seen in the morning or at night in the Boys' Dorm, Ivan can be seen wearing dark blue school pajamas.

He may suffer from sleep disorders, as he claims he can sleep with his eyes open. He also often says that he can go about his life while asleep, often feels sleepy, and enjoys taking naps in the school's boiler room.

Ivan hopes to be a cinematographer, and desires to have a French girlfriend because he believes they are cool.

Among his claims of issues with sleeping, Ivan also claims to have an abusive mother and to be friends with Ted Thompson. He also says he is on medication for his "mood", and that he has leprosy, however the latter is highly unlikely.


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