"Can't wait for game season."
— Jabarri
Jabarri Barnes
Jabarri Barnes
Birthday June 5th, 1988
Aliases - Jabby
- Jibber Jabber
Eye Color Dark Sienna Brown
Hair Color Brilliant Black
Height 6'4
Grade Senior
Clique Jocks
Status Corner
Relationship Status Single
Gender Male
Hometown Bullworth, New Hamphshire
Nationality African American
Rival Nerds
Affiliations Bullworth Bullhorns
Main Hangouts Football field
Creator Westside JDM

Jabarri Barnes is a fourth generation Original Character created by Westside JDM.


He stands at a broad 6'4 with broad shoulders. He wears his football jersey every day, with jeans, and converse sneakers.

He has brilliant black hair with dark sienna brown eyes. His hair is shaggy.


He's extremely talkative. He can talk all day and night about irrelevant subjects, he's always talking about YouTube and some of the more or less irrelevant videos on there.

He's loud. During class, he takes pleasure into annoying the smarter students.

Most of the people in the school regard him as quite possibly the least popular football player, due to some of his other habits.

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