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"Aw, don't act so excited to see me, I'm just your average emo asshole."
— Jackelin

Jackelin "Jack" Pearce is an Original Character created by SodaCat.

Jackelin Pearce
Jackelin Headshot SodaCat
Jackelin Pearce
Birthday May 10th, 1991
Aliases - Jack
- Jackie
- Avril Lavigne
Eye Color Navy blue
Hair Color Naturally dark brown, dyed black with pink streaks
Height 5'5"
Weight 120lbs
Clique Punks
Status Follower
Gender Female
Creator SodaCat
Jackelin signature sc
Jackelin Pearce

Character Description

Jackelin, or, more commonly, Jack, has black hair with pink streaks, and navy blue eyes. She is the only female member of the Punks.

She has no regard whatsoever for the school uniform, instead dressing in a shirt-dress and ripped black leggings, along with high-heels. Her hair is usually tied up in a messy bun. In the wintertime, she wears a black coat over her outfit.

Her pajamas are pink and white, and have a drawing of a ghost surrounded by the word 'rawr'. Her formal wear is a black Lolita style dress with baby pink trimmings. In gym class, she wears a simple baby pink sweatshirt and Bullworth gym shorts.

Jack has a black Monroe piercing below the left corner of her mouth, and both of her ears are pierced various times with silver studs and rings. She has the black diamond tattoo the Punks wear on her neck, and on her back she has a watercolor blue fish, and a tattoo of black lace-up similar to those seen on corsets.

Jack is commonly teased for her birth name, Jackelin, as it is a misspelling of the name 'Jacqueline', which is what her parents were aiming to name her. In an unfortunate turn of events, Jack's name was written down by her father after her mother was passed out due to anesthetic, and her father was drunk at the time, resulting in the 'epic fuck-up' as she puts it that is her name.


While not as hostile and mean as the other Punks, Jack can still be pretty harsh. She's mainly characterized by her sarcasm and sense of humor. She frequently pokes fun at herself and calls herself an 'emo', and is a self-described asshole. She doesn't care much for anarchy or 'fighting the system', but she does enjoy a good crowd surf.

Jack is also all talk. She threatens as if she were a fighter, when in reality she barely knows how to deliver a punch. She doesn't care much about clique hierarchy or the school social standings in general, and becomes annoyed with students who do care, such as Mandy Wiles and Ivan Alexander.

She has a strong desire for her life to go as easily and smoothly as possible. Therefore, in order to ensure this, she simply avoids troubling situations and people as best as she can.

While more of the unpopular and weaker students like her for her mostly relaxed nature, other students tease her for the way she dresses and mockingly call her 'Avril Lavigne'.

Her favorite color is pink.

Home Life

Jack is not particularly haunted by her home life, and she has a more neutral relationship with both of her parents.

It is believed by many that her father has a drinking problem, though she often laughs it off so it is likely that he enjoys a drink but doesn't get too violent about it. She is indifferent towards her parents for the most part, and doesn't hesitate at poking fun at them, but she does hold a minor grudge against her father for messing up her name.

It is minimal, however, and she doesn't actually harbor any negative feelings towards him beside believing that he's just a bit of a dunce.


  • Full body
  • Pajamas.
  • Formalwear.
  • Tattoos as seen with formalwear.
  • Gym clothes.
  • Swimwear.
  • Back tattoos.


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