Biographical Information

  • Full Name [& Pronunciation]:' Jackelin Pearce - ['JAK-ə-lin' | 'Pierce
    • Meaning: 
      • (Jackelin is a misspelling of Jaqueline) – 'May God protect' 
      • Pearce – 'Son of Peter' 
  • Set Age: 
    • Certified Birthdate: May 10th, 1989 
    • Astrological Sign: Taurus  
    • Chinese Zodiac: Snake 
  • Gender: Female 

Aliases & Preferred Nicknames: 

  • Jack (Common nickname used by friends) 
  • Avril Lavigne (Mockingly called this by students at Bullworth Academy) 


  • Distant Descendants: Irish
  • Dominant Descendants: American

Family Ties


  • Jackson Pearce (father) – Jackson spends most of his time either working in the Blue Skies Industrial Park, or at home in the Pearce's trailer enjoying a nice, cold beer. He has a habit of drinking and is often drunk, though he is equally mellow when he is drunk as he is sober. He is the one responsible for messing up Jackelin's name spelling, as he was drunk when he wrote it on the hospital form.
  • Crystal Pearce (mother) – Crystal runs a small business from the Pearce's trailer by making custom gauges and tapers. She is the person, actually, who made Garrett Warren's custom made snake tapers.

Is there still contact with their family while at Bullworth?: Yes, on occasion, Jack stops by the trailer and spends the night or spends some time with her parents. Sometimes she brings her friends to buy her mother's tapers and gauges.

Physical Description

  • Hair Color: Naturally dark brown, but dyed black with pink streaks 
  • Eye Color: Navy blue 
  • Weight: 120lbs 
  • Height: 5'5" 

Typical Clothing Wear:

(explain use for all outfits)


  • Jack ignores the school uniform. She wears a black tank top shirt-dress over ripped black leggings, and black heels.

Winter: Jack wears virtually the same outfit in the winter that she does in the fall, only she wears a black coat over her clothes.

Pajamas: Jack wears a white tank top with a hot pink, smiling ghost on it, surrounded by the word 'rawr' multiple times. She wears hot pink shorts, and sleeps barefoot.

Swimwear: Jack simply wears a pink bikini when at the beach.

Halloween: For Halloween, Jack dresses as the Marvel supervillain, Jinx.

  • Figure/Build: Jack is thin and tall. She has an ectomorph body type. 
  • Distinguishing Features/Scars/or Birthmarks: She has a scar on her belly button. 
    • Explain: Jack had gotten her belly button pierced at about 15, however it became infected and too much of a pain to take care of. Eventually she let it close up, though a scar remains. 
  • Tattoos: Jack has the black diamond tattoo the Punks wear on the left side on her neck. On her back, she has a lace tattoo similar to the lace-up on the back of corsets, as well as a blue watercolor fish. 
  • Piercings: Jack has a black Monroe piercing under the left corner of her mouth, and various studs and rings in her ears. 
  • Frequently Worn Jewelry: Just her studs and earrings. 

Personal Information

Current Living Arrangements: Girls' Dorm

Originated from: Blue Skies Industrial Park 

Hobbies: Making gauges with her mother, hair styling, making clothes and outfits  

Fears: Jack doesn't really know what she fears, but she knows she's scared of elevators.


  • Agnostic 
  • Why?: Religion has never been a big focus in her home, and she's not really sure what to believe.

Chronological Information

  • Profession: Bullworth Student
  • Likes: Punk, grunge, hair dye, fashion, jewelry, drummers 
  • Dislikes: Country music, flip flops, apple juice 

Goals/Ambitions: To run The Final Cut, or begin a shop similar to it. 

Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience: TBA 

  • Story behind experience: TBA 

Weapons/Equipments: None 

Personal Attributes


  • Pros: Good sense of humor, hardworking, generally tries to be a nice person
  • Cons: Sarcastic, can be pretty nasty without realizing, sometimes comes off as pessimistic

Strengths: Laughing at herself & not getting embarrassed easily, very organized, fashionable 

Weaknesses: First impressions are everything to her, and changing them is very difficult. 

Good Habits: Neat and organized, polite, creative 

Bad Habits: Procrastinating, mindless teasing, pessimism 

Stereotype: Most of the students think she's either a goth, emo, or a scene kid. 

As you know them better(and you like them): Funny as hell and very creative, really helpful when someone wants to look their best. 

As you know them better(and you hate them): Annoying and goth, doesn't know when to stop poking fun at you and kind of a bitch.  

Ratings on Personal Qualities

Physical Strength: 2/10

  • Jack is weak as hell, since most of her interests lie mainly in music and fashion. [NAME WITHHELD] insists she learn some defense moves, so he insists on teaching her, much to her dislike. She still hasn't built up any muscle whatsoever.

Attractive: 8/10

  • Jack works hard to look pretty and punk, and is working hard to master fashion and beauty skills. It's safe to say she's made significant progress, and it definitely helps with her looks. Not that being branded a scene kid helps, though.

Honesty: 7/10

  • Having had a close relationship with her parents all her life and never being too prone to troublemaking, Jack doesn't have much reason to lie. She's blunt with her opinions, but when it comes to covering for the boys she simply keeps her mouth shut, a technique she learned from Garrett.

Rule Abiding: 6/10 

  • Jack is probably the most willing Bullworth Punk to abide to the rules. She doesn't have much reason to break them, as she isn't very interested in fights, though she does break the dress code quite often, and sometimes her swearing gets the best of her. She also doesn't really have the compulsion to break all rules like many of the other Punks.

Sociability: 7/10 

  • Jack gets her fun mainly from teasing herself and others. Though she can come off a little strong and more like a bitch than not, she's still pretty willing to talk to students, even those outside of her clique.

Bullworth Academy Information

Reason for enrolling: It's quite simple, really; Jack's maternal grandmother is pretty wealthy, and insisted that Crystal and Jackson send Jackelin to Bullworth Academy (mainly in order to avoid her turning out like them). 

Clique: Punks 

Standing and Rank in Social Circle: Follower

  • Room Number: 203 
  • Roommate(s): Lola Lombardi (more to be added later)  
  • Favorite Subject(s): Art and Photography 
    • Why?: Jack is very art orientated. In art class, she enjoys drawing out elaborate clothing designs, and she enjoys urban and fashion photography. The fact that she gets along with Ms. Philips doesn't hurt, either. 
  • Least Favorite Subject(s): Biology 
    • Why?: While she isn't squeamish, Jack is entirely opposed to Biology classes. She's vegetarian, and she hates having to do dissections and refuses to do them, and has even started a petition that Bullworth offer digital dissections. 
  • Favorite Teacher: Ms. Philips 
    • Why?: Jack has a keen interest in artistic studies, so she and Ms. Philips understand each other pretty well. Jack often comes to Deidre for advice on many subjects, ranging from schoolwork to even boys. She sees Deidre as an elder sister type figure. 
  • Least Favorite Teacher: Dr. Slawter 
    • Why?: Jack cannot stand the death-obsessed Dr. Slawter. She is constantly at war with him regarding dissections and "the murders of innocent animals". 


Language(s): English 

Schooling Level: Junior 

Expertise: Art 


  • Chemistry: 75% 
  • Math: 81% 
  • English: 80% 
  • Geography: 73% 
  • Politics/Law: 82% 
  • Economy: 79% 
  • Cooking/Culinary: 94% 
  • Shop: 63% 
  • Botany/Biology: 32% 
  • Mythology: 95
  • Art: 100% 
  • Photography: 100% 

Reading Level: Average Overall Intelligence Level(s): Musical, interpersonal 

Relationships Statuses

Coming soon 

Trusted Companions

Closest Friend(s):


Hated Rivals

Worst Enemies:

Intolerable Students:

Harmless Acquaintances

Tolerated Students:

Tolerated Townsfolk:

Hot Encounters

Hinted Attractions:




Extra Information

Eating Habits

  • Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore: 
  • Favorite Food(s): 
  • Favorite Drink(s): 
  • Disliked Food(s): 
  • Disliked Drink(s): 

Added Information

  • Proclaimed Theme Song(s): 
  • Scent: 
  • Favorite Color: 
  • Favorite Season: 
  • Favorite Animal: 
  • Favorite Music Genre: 

Most Memorable Quote:

Opinions on students who reside at Bullworth Academy

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Residents in the city of Bullworth

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