Wandering Around

  • Really, how hard is it to spell 'Jaqueline'?
  • If I hear one more asshole call me Avril Lavigne...
  • Can't wait for summer...
  • Do I need to redye my hair?
  • It's not easy being a scene kid, but I strive on.
  • Everyone here dresses so badly.


Initiating Conversation

  • Say, did you hear the news?
  • What's up?


  • I

Ambient Conversation

  • My dad was drunk when he wrote my name on the form, so that's why it's so fucked up.
  • Biology is so cruel! We definitely gotta petition to get them to offer digital dissections.
  • Have you seen that new kid? Seriously needs a make-over.
  • The Preps dress nice, I guess, but they're always fighting in their clothes. So wasteful.
  • Why is everybody giving Lola so much crap lately? Lay off, Jesus.
  • It's finally spring, which means more underground concerts.
  • Wow, figures everybody around here hates on Blue Skies. As if this place is any better.
  • Hopkins took down Gary Smith, finally someone gets that psycho.

Reacting to Rumor

  • Where'd you hear that from? Mandy?
  • That sounds really cool.
  • No way!
  • That sounds as fake as society's regard for animal rights.


  • Have you ever thought about getting a make-over?
  • Don't you think Biology is cruel?!
  • Have you ever been to The Final Cut?


  • Um yeah, who hasn't?
  • Definitely!
  • I always think about that!
  • No way.
  • I've never really thought about it...


Good Terms

  • Hi!
  • Hey!
  • What's up?

Bad Terms

  • Ugh.
  • Too goth to care.
  • Keep walking.

Saying Goodbye

Good Terms

  • Gotta go do some stuff. Goth kid stuff, y'know?
  • I gotta go write a paper on vegetarianism, see ya!
  • There's a concert starting soon, we'll talk later.

Bad Terms

  • That was the biggest waste of time ever.
  • Looking at you this long is burning my eyes.
  • Yeah, I can't stand this bull anymore.



  • Hey, cutie.
  • Will you be my skater boy?

Flirted With

  • Did you know that 'rawr' means I love you in dinosaur?
  • We should totally make out.
  • Punk girls definitely kiss better. Wanna see?

After being kissed

  • That was wicked.
  • Maybe I'll get a tattoo for you.

Asking for Errand

  • Help me out?
  • Scene kid in need of assistance!

Giving Errand

  • Can you deliver this to Betty? I have zero time right now.
  • Can you walk me home? It's too dangerous for ladies to walk alone at this time.

Bike Related

Bumped with Bike

  • Watch it!
  • Sure, hit the scene kid!
  • My hair's fucking bright pink and you didn't see me?!

Crashing Bike

  • Well, it's not like I'll rip my leggings any more...
  • That's not kosher!

Bike Stolen From

  • Okay, uncool!
  • Do you know how long it took me to afford this?!

Seeing Successful Trick

  • Wicked!
  • That was like, so goth.

Seeing Failed Trick

  • What are you, a scene kid?!
  • Got some grease on your tires?


  • You're ugly.
  • Talk to me when you dress well.


Good Terms
  • We're friends... come on!
  • I was just joking when I said I was scene!
Bad Terms
  • Yeah, you just wait till the boys find out.
  • Oh man, so scared.

Ass Pinched

  • Hey!
  • Uncool!
  • That's so disrespectful, misogynistic pig!


Starting Fight

  • That's it, someone hold my earrings!

While Fighting

  • I warned you all for calling me a scene kid!
  • Want some five inch heel up your ass?

Watching a Fight

  • You look like dumbasses!
  • Watch the bloodspill!

After Winning Fight

  • Not goth, not scene, punk. Remember that.
  • Don't ever call me Avril Lavigne again!

Knocked Out

  • Doesn't hurt more than a tattoo needle...
  • Duncan's lessons have done nothing.


  • Oh sure, make me run in heels why don't you!

Hidden From

  • I don't even care.

Out of Breath

  • Gimme... (panting) five...

Bumped Into

Good Terms

  • Careful!
  • Oops, my fault!

Bad Terms

  • I'll end you if you touch me again!
  • Are you looking for a fight?

Hit by Car

  • Dad--?!
  • Learn to drive, prick!

Hit by Rat


Food Fight

  • Stop, you're gonna ruin my clothes!

Fire Alarm

  • Did Ace do this?!

Reacting to Tagging

  • Hell yeah! Can't spell Earth without 'art'!
  • Paint out all your feelings towards society, dude!

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