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"Those guerrillas are little bitches"
— Jackson

Jackson James is a fifth generation Original Character created by Westside JDM.

Jackson James
Jackson James
Birthday March 15th, 1988
Aliases - Jack
- Lightning
Eye Color Sienna Brown
Hair Color Brilliant Black
Height 5'9
Grade Senior
Clique Militian
Status Clique Leader
Relationship Status Desperate
Gender Male
Hometown Sao Paulo, Brazil
Nationality Jamaican
Rival Rogelio Alvarado
Affiliations Militia
Main Hangouts The Hole
Creator Westside JDM


He stands at a height of 5'9, has brilliant black hair, with sienna brown eyes.

Uniform wise, he wears a tank top and brown combat pants with black combat sneakers.

In the winter, he puts on a ghillie suit.

For Halloween, he dresses as a Brazilian Militian.


Jackson is a generally cruel person towards everyone. He doesn't care about anything or anyone. He also takes enjoyment in harassing weaker people and happy couples in the school, all because he is desperate for a relationship.

Towards his clique mates, he is a general dick to everyone, he has made people leave his clique before, when he found himself losing an argument, and people have left his clique before.

In class, all Jackson does is harass and bully people and steal their assignments and turns them in as his own.

Intelligence wise, Jackson has below average intelligence, due to a lack of ability to pay attention in class, but because he refuses to study.

He is also highly dishonest, he lies to everyone, his own clique mates, his teachers, and even his parents.

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