"It's a game, like hunting." - Jacob Mitchell

Jacob is a Junior at Bullworth Academy, and a member of Devin's Crew.


Jacob is known thematically for his brash nature, and prolific likeness for bullying and hurting others. His rough upbringing has assured that he will cause unruly harm to others, such as similar to the harm that was wrought upon him when he was a kid. Even with that, his fighting skill is decent, as far as the clique goes he's well above the others, except for Devin, David, and Samuel.

He is extremely violent and ruthless, only behind Devin and David, and is not to be trifled with. He sets his sights keenly on anyone weak enough for his liking.


Jacob stands at a height of 5'10" and weighs 190 pounds. He has a stocky build is extremely powerful. He has grayish blue eyes, along with a buzzcut which is light brown. He prefers wearing a signature orange t-shirt with the sleeves cut off, showing his muscles. Along with that he wears blue, torn cargo shorts. There are many scars, tailored from a lifetime of fighting, that run up and down his upper torso area.

Jacob is of German descent and is actually considered to be conventionally attractive to many at the academy.


Jacob grew up in New Coventry fluctuating from Gang to Gang in order to survive. He has seen many gang wars taking place on the streets and has even taken part in a few. When the Greasers took over New Coventry his gang primarily disbanded. That is when Jacob joined up arms with Devin, as Devin promised to put them in their place. Jacob's aunt requisitioned him a spot at the Academy to get him off the streets.

When Jacob began to attend Bullworth he realized most of the kids there were weak, and fragile. He was bent to make the weakest of the weak pay for their attributed weakness.

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