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"I want something to eat."
— Jade
Jade Moreau
Jade Laurence
Birthday June 29th, 1989
Aliases - Français Fille
- Jadie Wadie
Eye Color Jade green
Hair Color Carbon Black
Height 5'8
Grade Junior
Clique None
Status Follower
Relationship Status Talking with someone
Gender Female
Family Dominic Moreau - Father
Desiree Durand- Mother
Ginji - Cousin
Hometown Monterey, California
Nationality French
Rival Mallorie Von Webber
Patricia Pagano
Audrey San Lorenzo
Affiliations Kaitlynn Mendoza
Machaley Edgemon
Main Hangouts Cafeteria
Old Bullworth Vale
Creator Westside JDM
Signature Jade Aurelie Laurence
Jade Elizabeth Moreau

Jade Moreau is a third-generation Original Character created by Westside JDM.


She is pale skinned, has carbon black hair, and jade green eyes. She has a bow in her hair, She is 5'8 in height. She has the French look.

She wears the prep uniform, with white knee socks, and black Mary Janes. In the winter, she exchanges the knee socks for white tights, puts on a brown jacket, a white beanie, and puts on white gloves

She typically wears her hair down, because she appreciates her hair

She may eat a lot, but she has a good metabolism, which keeps her thin. She could eat for days, and most of it are baked goods, like cookies, croissants, and other baked assortments. She makes most of her own food.


Jade is a nice person to be around, though she is heavily rumored to be a good kisser. The rumors aren't said to be true. Usually she is unconditionally nice to everybody, unless they are a bully, because she doesn't believe in cruelty. When she witnesses a nerd or an unpopular kid getting bullied, she's likely to stand up for them.

When she has a problem with people, she tries to solve the problem diplomatically, because she opposes fighting. She opposes fighting, because she doesn't like the sounds of fists hitting eachother in the face.

She speaks in a medium to heavy French accent, but she can speak English like she's native to America. She can also speak French very fluently. Sometimes she flirts in French,

If she doesn't like doing something or a certain class, she's lazy and procrastinates. She dislikes chores, and hates Math. It's no wonder why she has a low grade in Math class.

She has a tendency to think bad thoughts about herself when she's feeling down. This is typically when her bipolar depression rolls in.

Interests, Hobbies, and Talents

Jade is food-obsessed. All she really wants to do for a career later in life is a gourmet chef. Her favorite class is Home-Economics, because all she has to do is cook, and she's a good cook, but she doesn't like American food, because it's too greasy to her standards.

Jade Moreau - Wardrobe-0

Jade's wardrobe

She does enjoy singing, She's always singing in the shower, or singing when she's alone, She likes to sing music that has French lyrics.

When she's with her parents, she typically watches the French News Channel, TV5Monde.

One last interest she has is Ballet. Her mother works for the local dance company, and her mother frequently teaches Jade how do perform certain moves. She's taught her over the course of eight years how to dance. Jade does have some flexibility on her. She can do the splits, but not to the side.

Relationship with family

She retains a close relationship with her family, Because they've always taken care of her, and always gave her the best things she could ask for on her birthdays and christmas.

She is loyal to her father. They always cook dinner together, and she gets the cooking gene from her dad. He owns a local restaurant, Jade typically works in the restaurant for money, and it pays off. It helps her get closer to her father every day she works

She's also close to her mother. Her mother's a professional dancer, and on weekends, she goes dancing with her mother. Jade has learned at least 88% of the dance moves the knows from her mother.

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