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"This place is hella whack. "
— Jalen
Jalen Harris
Jalen Harris
Birthday June 15th, 1990
Aliases - Jay
Eye Color Sepia Brown
Hair Color Soft Black
Height 5'6
Clique Bullies
Status Sophomore
Gender Male
Family Brittney Harris - Sister
Rival Nerds
Affiliations Ethan Robinson
Creator Westside JDM
Signature Jalen Antonio Harris
Jalen Antonio Harris

Jalen Harris is a first generation Original Character created by Westside JDM.


Jalen has soft black hair and sepia brown eyes. He walks around school with a black eye, and a couple of bruises on his arms and legs, He wears a White Bullworth T-Shirt with tan slacks, and covered converse sneekers.

He is about 5'6. He looks kind of like Ethan Robinson, despite Ethan is his best friend.


He really just doesn't care about anything or anyone, He attends class, and usually finds somebody to make fun of, and he's always getting in trouble. He thinks he's the shit, despite he's gotten the shit knocked out of him quite a few times.

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