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"Game season needs to start soon."
— Jarett

Jarett Jones is a fifth generation Original Character created by Westside JDM. The character is based off a close friend of JDM in real life.

Jarett Jones
Jarrett Jones
Birthday September 17th, 1989
Aliases - Jones
- Bones
- Jonsey Boy
Eye Color LeMans Blue
Hair Color Chocolate Brown
Height 6'2
Grade Junior
Clique Jocks
Status Defensive Tackle
Gender Male
Hometown Salinas, California
Nationality German
Affiliations Bullworth Bullhorns
Main Hangouts Football Field
Creator Westside JDM


Jarrett stands at a well built 6'2, and has Chocolate Brown hair with LeMans blue eyes. He also has a light tan.

He wears his Football jersey, with brown cargo pants, and black military boots, but in the winter, he puts on his letterman jacket, and blue jeans.

For Halloween, he dresses as a US airforce pilot.


Jarett shows true pride for his home country, and he's proud to be an American, and he wishes to serve his country as a fighter pilot later in life. He thinks America is the best country in the world, despite respecting America's allies in a war against Russia and China.

He dislikes communists and socialists, Despite he likes the guerrillas anti-bullying campaign, he still thinks of most of them as future communists.

In class, Jarett is rather quiet. He gets his work done as quick as possible, so he can socialize with his friends, despite not all of them being his teammates, he mainly socializes with the non-clique students. He excels in Math, but struggles in English.

In general, Josh is a friendly person, very easy to get along with, and he always has a good word of advice for the freshmen at school.

He knows a lot about the United States' military, due to many people in his family serving in it.

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