This character sheet was created by Silkvale

Biographical Information

Full Name

  • Jarett - "Appear brave."
  • Aaron - "Exalted from a high mountain."
  • Jones - "John's son."


  • Jones - Used by his football teammates
  • Jonseyboy - Used by the people that don't get along with him well.
  • Bones - Another antagonistic name, used by Trenton Susmann.

Set Age

  • Certified Birthdate: September 19th, 1989
  • Astrological Sign: Virgo
  • Chinese Zodiac Sign: Snake

Gender: Male

Family and Culture


Aaron Jones - (Father)

  • Aaron is a true patriot, he has been serving the United States Marine Corps from 1985 to today. He loves his home country, and will serve the Marine Corps for the rest of his life, when he comes home from deployment, he always plays a game of catch with his son.

Morgan Murphy - (Mother)

  • Morgan is also patriotic. She lives the democratic American dream with her husband. She currently serves the United States Navy.

Physical Description

Basic Description

  • Hair Color: Chocolate Brown
  • Eye Color: LeMans Blue
  • Height: 6'2
  • Weight: 179 lbs

Advanced Description

  • Figue/Build: Well built, Muscular
  • Birthmarks/Distinguishing Features/Scars: None
  • Writing Hand: Right Handed
  • Frequently Worn Jewelry: None

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