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"If your ma could see you, she'd be so damn proud of you. I sure know I am."
— Jasen

Jasen Eric Tyler is an Original Character created by SodaCat. He is the father of her OC, Jesse Tyler.

Jasen Tyler
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Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown with occasional white hairs
Gender Male
Family Jesse Tyler - Son

Rachel Tyler - Wife (Deceased)

Creator SodaCat
Jasen signature sc
Jasen Eric Tyler

Character Description

Jasen has brown hair, and brown eyes best described as kind eyes. He usually wears flannel button-downs and blue jeans, or T-shirts. As a habit formed from working on his farm, he tends to wear farm boots or horse riding boots.


Jasen tends to be more or less gentle and mindful in everything he does. He is soft-spoken and tends to be more of a listener.

He is very close with his son, Jesse, having raised him alone since the time that Jesse was six after his wife's unfortunate passing. He is careful to provide for Jesse, and his main focus in life is for his son to do well in life.

Home Life

After Jesse leaves for Bullworth, Jasen remains at the farm in Bandera, tending to both the farm and Jesse's and his horses. He bartends at a local bar in Bandera as well.

Jasen writes to Jesse often and sends him photos of the horses. On Christmas, he has a habit of going overboard and sending Jesse several gifts over the course of the month of December.

Though he manages to upkeep the farm and the horses, Jasen is unable to travel due to finances.

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