"Man, all you fuckers seem to always forget it's about the music."
— Jason

Jason "Ace" Ryder Griffith is an Original Character by SodaCat.

Jason Griffith
Jason YB Headshot SodaCat
Jason Griffith
Birthday September 8th, 1988
Aliases - Ace
- Jace
- Christmas
- JG
- J
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Light Brown w/ green streaks
Height 6'3"
Weight 182lbs
Clique Punks
Status Clique Leader
Gender Male
Affiliations Garrett Warren - Best Friend
Kissable No
Creator SodaCat
Jason signature sc
Jason Ryder Griffith

Character Description

Jason has light brown hair with the tips dyed green and hazel eyes that appear to be golden in certain lighting.

As a punk, Jason completely ignores the school dress code. He typically wears a simple black T-shirt along with gray-blue ripped jeans, and a pair of Converse.

In the winter, Jason wears a sweatshirt over his shirt and adds a pair of black gloves and a beanie.

He does not wear a shirt when he sleeps, and his sleep pants are gray with black markings all over them. For Halloween, he wears a Ghostface mask.

Notably, Jason sports various tattoos and piercings. On his neck, he has a strange, black, diamond-shaped tattoo--the mark of the Bullworth punks. His right arm is completely covered in black and red tattoos, and he has a very large black tattoo on his back. He has a ring pierced into his lip, nose, and left eyebrow.


Jason is, to put it simply, somewhat of a mean guy. He doesn't go out of his way often to be kind or even polite in most cases and appears to enjoy fighting and bullying weaker students. Angered, he immediately becomes very aggressive. He can often be heard insulting 'the system' and making references to anarchy. Additionally, he is a bit of a potty-mouth.
Close Up Jason SodaCat

A close up of Jason.

In concerts, Jason becomes significantly rowdier than usual. He is frequently found in mosh pits, or crowd surfing, usually with his shirt off, screaming out lyrics. His favorite concerts are outdoor ones, especially when it is raining.

He rules his clique fiercely, and easily shows off his leadership to his cliquemates. However, he regards them as a sort of family and seems to care deeply for each of the clique members. He does, however, often chide them and remind them that 'punk' has nothing to do with their appearances, and instead relies on the music. He seems to care very much for 'the music'.

His best friend is Garrett Warren.

Gavin senior SC

Jason's brother Gavin, prior to his military cut.

Home Life

Gavin army

Jason's brother, Gavin.

Jason was raised in New Coventry by his brother, in one of the brick townhouses. While not much is disclosed by him about his home life, his brother is apparently a veteran who once attended Bullworth, and his parents passed away. He is close to his brother, and though he rarely speaks of him, when he does, it is very fondly.

While he is not friendly with him or the Greaser clique, Jason apparently has a mutual understanding of sorts with Johnny Vincent.


  • Summer/Spring wear
  • Pajamas
  • Formalwear.
  • Gym clothes
  • Swimsuit
  • View of the tattoo on his back


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