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Biographical Information

  • Full Name [& Pronunciation]: Jason Robin Griffith [JAY-sən | Rye-DER | g r IH - f uh th]
    • Meaning:
      • Jason – Leader of the Argonauts, to heal
      • Ryder – Mounted warrior
      • Griffith – Fighting chief, fierce, strong warrior or lord.
  • Set Age: Seventeen (17)
    • Certified Birthdate: September 6th, 1989
    • Astrological Sign: Virgo
  • Gender: Male

Aliases & Preferred Nicknames:

  • Ace (Nickname used by most students)
  • Jace (Used by fellow Punks and friends)
  • Christmas (Teasing nickname used by friends, reference to his green hair dye and favored use of the color red)
  • JG (Occasionally used by Punks, first and last name initials)
  • J (Occasionally used by Punks)

Ethnicities: American

Dominant Descendants: His dominant descendants are from the United States.

Family Ties


  • Gavin Griffith Sr. (father) – Not much is known about Gavin. On visits, he would frequently play with Jason. He was killed in battle in the Persian Gulf War.
  • Camille Griffith (mother) – Not much is known about Camille. Jason describes her as having been caring and a generally good mother. Like Gavin, she was killed in battle in the Persian Gulf War.


  • Gavin Griffith Jr. (brother) – Gavin is Jason's older brother, who is stationed in Iraq. He is loving and supports his brother and on his visits, the two spend all of their time together. They are very close, and Jason laments the fact that Gavin, like his parents, joined the armed forces.

Is there still contact with their family while at Bullworth?: Jason and his brother frequently exchange letters. There is, of course, no contact between Jason and his parents, as they are deceased.

Physical Description

  • Hair Color: Light brown w/ green tips
  • Eye Color: Hazel
  • Weight: 182lbs.
  • Height: 6’4”

Typical Clothing Wear:


Jason ignores the school dress code entirely. Instead, he wears blue-gray ripped jeans, a black T-shirt, and converse. On his left arm, he wears a black leather string bracelet, one that is exactly like the one his brother wears.

Winter Uniform

n the winter, Jason simply adds a red-and-black striped sweatshirt, and places black leather gloves on his hands. On occasion, he pulls the hood up.


Jason wears only sleep pants that are gray with black markings on them. He does not wear a shirt when he sleeps.

Figure/Build: Jason is tall and muscular.

Distinguishing Features/Scars/or Birthmarks: Jason has a series of scars on his body, all from different accidents when moshing or crowd surfing, and from fights that break out in concerts. Notably, he has a scar over one of his ribs from a past fracture.

Tattoos: His left arm is completely covered in black and red tattoos. On the left side of his neck, he has a strange black diamond tattoo to match the one his brother got done when he was Jason's age. This tattoo went on to become iconic for Jason's punks.

Frequently Worn Jewelry: As stated, Jason wears a black leather string bracelet on his left wrist.

Personal Information

Current Living Arrangements: Boys' Dorm, room 127 | 117 Coventry Drive

Originated from: Jason has lived in New Coventry all his life.

Hobbies: Attending concerts, moshing, crowd surfing, playing guitar.

Fears: Not much scares Jason, but what does can nearly paralyze him with fear. His biggest fear is that Gavin is killed while in combat.

Religion/Beliefs: Atheist.

Health Behaviors

Addiction(s): Jason is a heavy smoker, and admits he has an addiction.

Why?: Though Gavin does his best to support him, the fact remains that Jason grew up only with his peers. He picked up the habit after seeing others attending concerts smoking.

Chronological Information

  • Profession: Bullworth student
  • Likes: Spray paint, horror movies, punk and metal music, fire
  • Dislikes: School, authority, rules, preps, formalwear

Goals/Ambitions: Jason's goals are to either become a famous guitarist or run a tattoo parlor. Additionally, he wishes to move away from Bullworth with his brother and be able to support hm so that Gavin can leave the armed forces.

Weapons/Equipment: Firecrackers, slingshot, wooden plank

Personal Attributes


  • Pros: Determined, logical, self-aware
  • Cons: Quick to anger, rude, a bit of an arsonist, generally mean


  • He is a strong leader and is able to rule his clique effortlessly.
  • He is understanding and logical and a good judge of character.
  • He is very self-aware and independent.


  • Very, very quick to anger, and becomes violent easily.
  • Notoriously sticky fingers and somewhat of an arsonist
  • Completely unable to follow rules, and is compelled to break them.

Good Habits:

  • He is very loyal to his clique and really does his best to do things in their best interest.
  • He is good at reading the atmosphere.

Bad Habits:

  • He manipulates people he doesn't care about without a second thought.
  • Manipulative to the point where he crosses the line to get what he wants
  • Extreme potty-mouth
  • Quick to steal, set fires, or vandalize things.

Fetishes/Strange Behaviors: When becoming angry, he cracks his jaw very loudly.

As you know them better (and you like them): Loyal, kind, understanding

As you know them better (and you hate them): Mean, thief, delinquent

Ratings on Personal Qualities

Physical Strength: 9/10

Jason gets all of his strength from his concert attendance. He is a frequent mosher and crowd-surfer, and is quick to get into fights in concerts–and out. He can be surprisingly violent, and chooses fighting as a way of getting out his rage.

Attractive: 7/10

Toned and tanned from years of attending outdoor concerts, Jason has built himself up quite nicely. His 'rebel' image also doesn't hurt and is appealing to most of the girls at Bullworth who are attracted to the 'bad boy' type.

Honesty: 2/10

Often getting tangled in with violating the law, Jason has built a habit for himself of lying. He also often lies about how he feels about girls in order to be able to get a quick make-out from them, or to get them to do things for him.

Rule Abiding: 0/10

Jason is set on ignoring the rules of authority. He is completely and utterly unable to follow rules and is compelled to go out of his way to break them.

Sociability: 3/10

Outside of his clique, Jason is nasty and mean. He generally dislikes everyone around him and thinks that they are all inept and incompetent. In concerts, however, he gains a more positive view of those around him and gets along well with others in the crowd.

Bullworth Academy Information

Reason for enrolling: Gavin placed Jason in Bullworth so that he would have somewhere to stay while he was away in Iraq, and so that there would be a staff controlling him at all times. Or, at least, attempting to control him.

Social Circle/Clique: Punks

Standing and Rank in Social Circle: Clique Leader

  • Room Number: 109
  • Roommate(s): Garrett Warren, Danny Nix, Juri Karamazov, Constantinos Brakus, Luis Luna
  • Favorite Subject(s): Music, English
    • Why?: Jason favors music because he is allowed to practice his guitar playing. He favors English because he frequently quotes his favorite songs in his papers, and Galloway believes that they are Jason's own original words, and gives him higher grades because of it.
  • Least Favorite Subject(s): Math, history
    • Why?: Though he doesn't really struggle in either academically, Jason dislikes both math and history because they have some of the more strict teachers.
  • Favorite Teacher: None
    • Why?: Jason simply does not like authority, and his teachers are all authority.
  • Least Favorite Teacher: Mr. Hattrick
    • Why?: To Jason, Mr. Hattrick is undoubtedly the strictest and meanest teacher at Bullworth. He is rather authoritarian in his way, which completely drives Jason insane.


  • Language(s): English
  • Schooling Level: Junior
  • Chemistry: 65%
  • Math: 84%
  • English: 96%
  • Geography: 63%
  • Gym: 98%
  • Politics/Law: 21%
  • Economy: 84%
  • Cooking/Culinary: 72%
  • Shop: 85%
  • Botany/Biology: 92%
  • Mythology: 97%
  • Art: 88%
  • Photography: 81%

Reading Level: Average

Relationships Statuses 

Trusted Companions

Closest Friend(s):

  • Garrett Warren: Jason and Garrett met in detention. Garrett had beaten up some kids who'd beat up Danny, Jason had broken the windows in the school store. Garrett didn't give Jason a chance until Jason saved both him and Danny from possible expulsion. They've had each other's backs ever since.


  • Danny Nix: Friendship with Garrett meant willingness to babysit Danny. Jason's up for it because Danny's is, in his words, a nice kid. Danny looks up to Jason more than he'd ever admit.
  • West James: Jason and West's first official conversation took place when West was half dead and Jason proceeded to carry him to the Boys' dorm. It took just that for Jason to win West's trust, and though Jason would never admit it, he admires West's ability to keep his temper.
  • Tripp Walker: Skeptical of Jason at first, it took Jason winning over Gage for Tripp to be alright with Jason. He prides himself as being employed as Jason's spy, and Jason is grateful to have someone so smart and willing to blow things up on board.
  • Gage Walker: Gage admired Jason from the moment he saw him. Jason, in turn, enjoys being around Gage for his good humor.
  • Jackelin Pearce: When Jason first saw Jackelin, he thought she was some goth kid. When Jackelin first spoke to Jason, she thought he was a pervert. They were both pleasantly surprised to find out they were wrong about each other. She's one of the few people he likes being around all the time.

Hated Rivals

Worst Enemies:

  • Derby Harrington: Jason and Derby, to put it simply, never got off on the right foot. It all started when they first met and Derby referred to Jason as an orphan, prompting Jason to rub Derby's face into the concrete and end up with his first detention at the academy, on his first day.

Intolerable Students:

  • Constantinos Brakus: If there's one thing Jason hates almost as much as authority, it's goth kids. He deems Constantinos as a 'goth' almost as soon as he meets him, and becomes irritated with Constantinos' complaining.

Harmless Acquaintances

Tolerated Students:

  • Johnny Vincent: While Jason doesn't consider Johnny a friend, or even particularly like him, the two have a mutual understanding over New Coventry. Both the Greasers and Punks hang around there, and while they do have the occasional fights between cliques, both understand that they are not to try and drive the other out.
  • Duncan Haynes: Being in the same clique doesn't mean that Duncan and Jason have to like each other. That said, they do like each other, and are more similar than either of them would like to admit. Still, they clash so often that it's just easier for both of them to pretend to despise each other. And Jason still thinks Duncan's a twerp.
  • Juri Karamazov: Jason doesn't like Juri, but at least he doesn't fart in the dorm.
  • Luis Luna: Ditto for Luis as for Juri. Though Jason likes Luis a little more, because he isn't a snob about New Coventry.

Hot Encounters

Hinted Attractions:

  • TBA


  • Jackelin Pearce: It's a baby crush, and he won't ever acknowledge it consciously. The fact is he has a crush on Jackelin; he likes that she's always in a good mood, and he thinks she's a badass. All it will ever be, however, is a baby crush.


  • TBA

Extra Information

Eating Habits

  • Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore: Omnivore
  • Favorite Food(s): Pepperoni pizza
  • Favorite Drink(s): eCola
  • Disliked Food(s): The entirety of the Bullworth Academy lunch menu
  • Disliked Drink(s): Orang-O-Tang

Added Information

  • Proclaimed Theme Song(s): Holiday – Green Day
  • Scent: Tobacco
  • Favorite Color: Red
  • Favorite Season: Summer
  • Favorite Animal: Sharks
  • Favorite Music Genre: Punk and Metal

Most Memorable Quote: “Man, all you fuckers seem to always forget it's about the music.”

Opinions on students who reside at Bullworth Academy (in alphabetical order):

Coming soon

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