Wandering Around

  • That Love Fist album was pretty good. Pretty good.
  • No good concerts in this shithole.
  • I need some new ink.
  • This is dumb.
  • Bullworth sucks.


Initiating Conversation

  • You ever hear about a band called Midnight Riders?
  • You know about any good concerts around here?


  • Yeah, that matters.
  • Forget about it.
  • You think that’s an issue?
  • I mean, I’ve thought about it, I guess.

Ambient Conversation

  • There’s a new band around here.
  • I’d like to see Harrington in a mosh.
  • Hear about that new kid? I heard he’s a wimp.
  • Finally open the fuckin’ gates, and the whole damn town is swarmed with preps. Figures.
  • Grease kids need to cool it down in New Coventry.
  • If I hear one more jockstrap mention that football game…
  • I knew Hopkins was trouble.
  • Yeah, me and Hopkins been tight for a while.
  • So, the carnival still sucks.
  • These Bullworth kids need a smoke, some ink, and a couple moshes. It’d do them good.

Reacting to Rumor

  • Yeah, and I listen to the Vibe. It’s bullshit man, fake.
  • I heard that too, but I mean, who cares?
  • Sounds stupid.


  • Do you know if there’s gonna be any concerts sometime soon?
  • You ever been with that chick Christy?
  • You ever think you just don’t have enough ink?
  • Have you ever broken a bone moshing?
  • You know that Galloway keeps liquor in his desk?


  • Everybody knows that.
  • Who hasn’t?
  • I was just thinking that.
  • I don’t think so, but I guess I’d try it.
  • No way man. Not me.
  • All the time, pretty much.


Good Terms

  • Hey dude.
  • What’s up?
  • Hey man.

Bad Terms

  • I’m not your friend.
  • What part of my face made you think talking to me was okay?

Saying Goodbye

Good Terms

  • I’m bored. Later.
  • I need a smoke.
  • Gotta go.
  • Bye.

Bad Terms

  • Piss off.
  • Scram.
  • Outta here. Now.

Being Hired


  • I fight good.
  • I mean, moshing is pretty much fighting.
  • Cash for some thrash?


  • We gotta stick together, yeah?
  • Let’s take some losers down.


  • This got lame fast.
  • Been fun, but I gotta go now.
  • Concert’s boutta start. See ya.

Asking for Errand

  • You’re the only one I trust to get it done.
  • I need something. A favor.
  • Do me a solid?

Giving Errand

  • I need you to smash the windows in that prep house. For uh, reasons.
  • Write insults to those jockstraps on the walls. It’ll be funny.
  • I need you to take this and deliver it. I’m too busy to do it myself.

Bike Related

Bumped with Bike

  • Watch it!
  • Fuck that!
  • You blind?!

Crashing Bike

  • Well, shit.
  • Nailed it.

Stealing a Bike

  • This is mine now.
  • Fuck the system!
  • Nice.

Bike Stolen From

  • You son of a bitch.
  • Hey, piss off!
  • Oh yeah. Real nice.

Seeing Successful Trick

  • That was cool.
  • I mean, I guess it wasn’t bad.

Seeing Failed Trick

  • Dumbshit.
  • You tried, and man, did you fail.


  • I can give you a couple piercings right here, right now!
  • I think I’ll take all my rage out on your face, like that?
  • Wanna mosh?


Good Terms
  • Stand down, I’m chill.
  • Chill out.
Bad Terms
  • You think you’re tough now?
  • You think you scare me?


  • It gets worse.
  • Not too bad.
  • You're a twerp.

Being Bullied

  • Fuckin' system.

Demanding Cash

  • Time to pay up for my services.
  • There's a fee to being picked on this nicely.
  • Time to finance the Ace Griffith Concert Ticket fund.

Receiving Cash

  • Bare minimum, but it'll do.
  • Thanks for the concert tickets, loser.
  • This'll do for now.

Giving Swirlie

  • You could use a swim!
  • Hey, it's not any worse than moshing in the rain!
  • Let's get you nice and clean!
  • Time to join your kind!


  • Don't--!
  • I give, I give!
  • Fuck this!


  • Oh man, this reeks...
  • (Coughing and gagging)

Putting Student in Locker

  • You'll have all your books to study, nerd!
  • Nice and cozy.
  • Dork in a box!

Shoved in Locker

  • That's not cool!
  • This is so disrespectful!


Starting Fight

  • I’ll show you what real anarchy looks like!
  • Let’s go, right now!

While Fighting

  • You want a couple holes in your face?
  • You can’t tell me what to do!
  • You. End. Now!

Hit in Nuts

  • Aww, fuck.
  • Naw… Ace junior…!

Spit On

  • You little shit!

Watching a Fight

  • Come on now, like you mean it!
  • Kill each other, eh?
  • Winner gets to mosh with my boys!

After Winning Fight

  • Never mess with a punk.
  • See what happens, kid?
  • Ace Griffith, professional mosher.

Knocked Out

  • But I got a concert later…
  • Fuckin’ system…


  • I’ll just hit you harder when I catch you!
  • You think you can outrun me?!

Hidden From

  • Cheap, kid!
  • You’re lucky I’m busy as hell.
  • Yeah, well, I don’t give a shit.

Out of Breath

  • Gotta quit smoking… nah.
  • (Panting)

Bumped Into

Good Terms

  • Watch your fire.
  • Careful now.

Bad Terms

  • Watch it!
  • Don’t touch me!

Hit by Car

  • Fucked over by the system, again.
  • Can’t you drive?!
  • They gave you a license?!

Hit by Rat

  • What the fuck?

Food Fight


Fire Alarm

  • FIRE!
  • Let’s open this fucking pit up!


  • Aim for the face, boys!
  • We’re gonna wipe the floor with ya!


  • We gotta try harder!
  • We fucked up!
  • Fuck!


  • Hahaha!
  • Told ya not to mess with my boys!

Reacting to Tagging

  • Yeah, fight the system!
  • WOO!
  • Got any more paint?

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