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Jealous Johnny is a storyline mission in Chapter 3 of Bully.

Jealous Johnny
Johnny near underpath
Johnny by the underpass.
Location: Underpass
Time(s) Available: Before 11PM
Faction: Greasers +5
Reward: Busted! Room trophy
Unlocks: Bait

Mission Summary

Following Jimmy Hopkins' meeting with Peanut Romano at the start of Chapter 3, Jimmy heads to the underpass to New Coventry, when Greaser leader Johnny Vincent steps out of the shadows.

Johnny is somewhat surprised that Jimmy has actually come to meet him, but immediately starts badgering Jimmy, asking if he thinks that Johnny is a joke. Jimmy says no, despite thinking that Johnny dresses weird. Johnny, still angry, claims that everyone is laughing at him. Jimmy is confused, which further angers Johnny, who tells him not to play dumb and then asks if Jimmy's 'had her'. Jimmy is still confused, and Johnny becomes aggressive, grabbing Jimmy by the collar and repeating the question.

Jimmy screams at Johnny to let go, and asks who he is talking about. Johnny reveals he is asking if Jimmy has gotten with Lola Lombardi, his girlfriend, and 'that slut' that he loves. Jimmy says he has not, and Johnny tells Jimmy that he is sure that Lola is cheating on him. He is both angry, jealous, and paranoid, claiming he knew this was coming.

He tells Jimmy that Lola is cheating on him with Gord Vendome, and that he is sure of it. Jimmy challenges him, asking how he knows, so Johnny asks Jimmy to get evidence for him, claiming that the suspense is killing him. He tells Jimmy to meet him at the underpass that night, and to bring a camera so that they can 'settle this'.

Lola and Gord are in Bullworth Town, walking around and holding hands. Every few minutes, Gord presents Lola with a gift, and the two head off into alleys to make out. Jimmy's job is to get a picture of the two holding hands, one of Lola receiving a gift, and one of them kissing. If Jimmy stands too close to them, they will stop and insult him until he gets out of their line of sight.

After Jimmy gets all three pictures, he brings them to Johnny who screams out that he 'just knew it'. He punches the air, and then hands Jimmy some money.

Beta Changes

In an earlier version of the mission, Lola and Gord went to the beach in Old Bullworth Vale with some of the other Preps, and then headed off to make out. They called each other things such as 'vixen' and 'strumpet', and then apparently Lola attempted to teach Gord how to unhook her bra.

Video Walkthrough

-HD- Bully Scholarship Edition- 35 Jealous Johnny03:03

-HD- Bully Scholarship Edition- 35 Jealous Johnny

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