This page is based on a fanfiction, and is not canon to Bully.

Jenny Wolf's Diary is the first Bully fanfiction ever written by SodaCat, and coincidentally the first fanfiction ever posted on Bully Fanon Wiki.

Story Summary

Below is not really a summary, so to say, but the introduction paragraph to J.W.D. The story was written before SodaCat became obsessed with organization. The story was posted to Bully Wiki on July 8th, 2010.

Hey there Bully-wikiers! So, I was bored and wondering what to do, when I see the bookshelf near my computer. So I started thinking "What would life be like at Bullworth?" so, I started writing this big story, about my experiences, people I met, etc. if I actually went to Bullworth. So, I decided to show it to the public. So, tell me what you think of it! It's continued at "Chapter 3: A little problem called Trouble"


Jennifer Wolf, more commonly known as Jenny Wolf, is a new student at Bullworth Academy after her father received a promotion at the bank he works at. She is welcomed to the school by Ms. Danvers, and directly after meets her new roommate and friend Kate Harrington, the OC of a fellow Bully Wikier.

She meets Johnny Vincent, the leader of the Greasers clique at the academy, and is immediately taken by him. The two begin a more or less flirtatious friendship, that is quickly caught onto by Lola, Johnny's girlfriend. Despite this, Johnny gives Jenny a tour of New Coventry, but the day soon turns into a date. The two kiss, and begin a secret relationship.

The storyline revolves around the original Bully storyline, told from Jenny's point of views, and follows the events of Johnny and Jenny's relationship as well as the happenings at the school.


Chapter Title
Chapter 1 New Friends
Chapter 2 Johnny Vincent and New Coventry (Same as above link)
Chapter 3 A Little Problem Called Trouble
Chapter 4 Cheaters
Chapter 5 All's Fair in Love and War
Chapter 6 Dare to be Difficult
Chapter 7 It's all Good
Chapter 8 When it All Went Downhill
Chapter 9 When Hell Breaks Loose
Chapter 10 Summer Vacation
Chapter 11 Cyber Dillemas
Chapter 12 Surprises


This fanfiction is now about five years old, and consists of poor grammar, spelling, and syntax. Additionally, SodaCat has now recognized and labeled Jenny Wolf as a Mary Sue, and has ceased all work with her.

In Soda's personal opinion, Jenny Wolf's Diary is a bit of an irritating read and is radically unrealistic and poorly-planned. The placement of this table of contents has been placed purely for nostalgic reasons (and from a request from Michael.)

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