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This character sheet was created by Silkvale.

Biographical Information

  • Full Name [& Pronunciation]: Jesse Arlen Tyler [JES-ee | AHR-lən | TIE-lər]
    • Meaning: 
      • Jesse – ‘Gift’ 
      • Arlen – ‘Oath or pledge’
      • Tyler – ‘Tile maker or brick maker’
  • Set Age: Seventeen
    • Certified Birthdate: October 31st, 1988
    • Astrological Sign: Scorpio
    • Chinese Zodiac: Dragon
  • Gender: Male

Aliases & Preferred Nicknames: 

  • Jess (Called this by his father, occasionally used by Casey Harris)
  • Tyler (Commonly called this by his teammates & Burton)
  • Redneck & Other southern-related insults (Called by Mandy Wiles and other students who dislike him)

Ethnicities: American 

Family Ties


  • Jasen Tyler (father) – Jesse and his dad are close. Jasen is a bartender, and the two of them live off of his salary comfortably in their home in Bandera. He enrolled Jesse in a football camp when he was five years old, and started teaching him horseback riding when Jesse was three. He was a bit disappointed to part with his son when Jesse was twelve to send him to Bullworth after the academy offered him a spot and an offer to play on the football team, though the two frequently exchange letters.
  • Rachel Tyler (mother) – Though Jesse only knew her for the first six years of his life, he remembers her as being beautiful. He was as close to her as any six year old boy is to their mother, and he misses her every day–going as far as wearing a cross around his neck and going to church exclusively to pray to her. He never quite got over her death.

Is there still contact with their family while at Bullworth?: Jesse and his father, Jasen, regularly exchange letters. Jesse tells him about how his life at Bullworth is, and Jasen tells him stories about the bar he works at, and sends pictures of Jesse's horse, Catolo (pronounced 'Kah-toe-low').

Physical Description

  • Hair Color: Chocolate brown w/ caramel highlights
  • Eye Color: Gray 
  • Weight: 180lbs 
  • Height: 6’3”

Typical Clothing Wear:


In the summer, Jesse wears his football jersey and a pair of school shorts, paired with brown combat boots. On his left wrist, he wears a silver watch, and around his neck he wears a silver cross underneath his jersey.


In the winter, Jesse swaps the school shorts for tan school slacks, and wears his letterman jacket buttoned all the way up. He wears the same boots as usual, though. 


For pajamas, Jesse simply sleeps in an old pair of basketball shorts. He does not wear a shirt.

Figure/Build: Jesse is tall and well-built from years of playing as a linebacker in football. He is very muscular, and very in-shape.

Distinguishing Features/Scars/ or Birthmarks: Though his hair is long enough to cover it, Jesse has a scar from stitches on his forehead. He has football-related scars all over his body, though none of them are exactly very prominent.

Frequently Worn Jewelry: As stated, Jesse wears a silver cross on a chain underneath his jersey.

Personal Information

Current Living Arrangements:  Bullworth Academy, Boys’ dorm room 113

Originated from: Bandera, TX

Traveled Territories: Los Santos, San Andreas (school sponsored trip while in Bandera)

Hobbies: Football, horseback riding, participating in rodeos, photography

Fears: Doctors, hospitals, ambulances

Religion/Beliefs: Catholic

  • Why?: Both of his parents were Catholic, and he was raised in a small town that was also mostly Catholic.

Health Behaviors

Physical Ailments/ Disabilities/ Issues: Due to suffering from various concussions over the course of his football career, Jesse is rather slow. He also suffers from various emotional issues as a result from witnessing his mother’s death.

Chronological Information

  • Profession: Student / Bullworth Bullhorns Linebacker
  • Likes: Horses, girls, football, basketball, horseback riding
  • Dislikes: Clowns, doctors in general, school, cleaning

Goals/Ambitions: To be a professional football player

Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience: When he was six years old, Jesse had stayed home one day from day care with a stomach bug. His mother, Rachel, had a heart attack sometime during the day, and Jesse didn’t really understand what was happening so he just sat there quietly before calling his dad and then taking a short nap. He later woke up to a chaotic visit from EMTs and an ambulance, and later realized his mother had passed away. He still blames himself for it.

Weapons/Equipments: On occasion, Jesse can be seen carrying a bat. 

Personal Attributes


  • Pros: Funny, sweet, fair
  • Cons: Neurotic, insensitive, cocky


  • He has a very good sense of humor, and has no problem laughing at himself
  • He knows how to make any girl feel beautiful, and any guy feel like a cool kid
  • He’s great with children, and can solve issues between friends easily.


  • When he gets angry, it is shockingly difficult to calm him down
  • When he develops feelings for someone, they become his world and he expects them to think of him as their world as well.

Good Habits:

  • When someone is feeling down, he has a tendency of cheering them up—unless, of course, he and his friends were the cause of them feeling down.
  • In sports, he follows directions very well, and is willing to take a leadership role if no one else will.
  • He is very healthy, and enjoys fitness activities.

Bad Habits: 

  • He is very unorganized, and refuses to study, ever. 
  • He flirts with anyone and everyone, even if the time is inappropriate. 
  • He has absolutely no ability to read the atmosphere around him whatsoever. 

Fetishes/Strange Behaviors: At seemingly random times, Jesse will go into either fits of rage or phases where he refuses to talk to anyone and instead takes on a stereotypical 'emo' attitude towards life, and becomes very negative. 

Stereotype: He is deemed by most students and even teachers as your typical 'dumb jock'. 

As you know them better(and you like them): Sweet, funny, charming 'dream guy' type of boy 

As you know them better(and you hate them): Annoying, rude, overly-horny redneck  

Ratings on Personal Qualities

Physical Strength: 9/10

Years of football, horseback riding, and rodeo participating has definitely helped Jesse develop his muscles. He, like the other larger jocks (Juri Karamazov, Casey Harris, etc.), is very strong, and has a lot of stamina. Years of beating up "nerds and dorks" has also helped him with his fighting style.

Attractive: 10/10

Toned and sun-kissed, Jesse is any girl's cowboy dream. He purposely does try a to keep himself looking nice and tidy, and takes advantage of his good looks to flirt with as many girls as possible in order to gain advantages for himself.

Honesty : 5.5/10

Raised in a Catholic small town, Jesse had a tendency of being a 'good boy' for the church-goers, but kept his rowdiness for parties and rodeos, which he was careful to not mention to anybody besides his fellow classmates. As he and his father are very close, he never saw a real reason to lie to him, giving him some honesty. After enrolling in Bullworth, however, his honesty went down quite a bit, as he became accustomed to not snitching on his teammates for rule-breaking and nerd-beating, and in turn they did not snitch on him.

Rule Abiding : 2/10 

As a Jock, Jesse feels entitled to do as he pleases at Bullworth Academy. He only abides to rules as far as to not get him in too much trouble that Jasen is being called all the time, but that's about as far as his extent for respecting rules goes.

Sociability : 9/10 

Jesse considers himself a star football player, and because of this sees himself as a popular student at the academy. He is oblivious to the fact that most of the students see him as a jerk, and happily assumes the role of 'class clown' and general flirt, as he is very outgoing.

Bullworth Academy Information

Reason for enrolling: Jesse was enrolled to Bullworth Academy solely on a football scholarship. His father, seeing the opportunity for his son to move forward in his pursuit of his dreams, allowed Jesse to enroll, even though it meant leaving their home in Bandera for the school year. 

Clique: Jocks 

Standing and Rank in Social Circle: Jesse is a regular member in his clique.

  • Room Number: Room 113 
  • Roommate(s): Casey Harris  
  • Favorite Subject(s): Gym 
    • Why?: As a Jock, Mr. Burton grants favoritism towards Jesse and lets him get away with beating up other students as 'wrestling'. 
  • Least Favorite Subject(s): Math and Biology 
    • Why?: Though he is terrible at almost all academic subjects, Jesse especially hates math and biology, because he cannot get away with distracting the class in them. 
  • Favorite Teacher: Mr. Burton 
    • Why?: As stated, Burton grants favoritism to the football players, including Jesse. 
  • Least Favorite Teacher: Mr. Hattrick, Dr. Slawter 
    • Why?: As stated, Jesse cannot get away with being a class clown in neither math nor biology. This is because Mr. Hattrick and Dr. Slawter believe in no-nonsense, and will send him to the office on his first offense. 


  • Language(s): English
  • Schooling Level: Senior (Grade 12) 
  • Expertise: Sports 
  • Chemistry: Low 
  • Math: Low 
  • English: Low 
  • Geography: Low 
  • Politics/Law: Low 
  • Economy: Low 
  • Cooking/Culinary: Low 
  • Shop: Midst 
  • Botany/Biology: Low 
  • Mythology: Low 
  • Art: Midst 
  • Photography: High 
  • Reading Level: Significantly below average 

Overall Intelligence Level(s): Really, the only reason that Jesse is passing school is because Burton manipulates the system to allow him to advance so that he may continue with his football career, as he does for other Jocks. 

Bodily kinesthetic

Relationships Statuses

Trusted Companions

Closest Friend(s):

Casey Harris: His best friend since first enrolling in Bullworth Academy. Casey is one of the only people to know about Jesse's mother, and the only one besides Jasen to be able to calm Jesse down when he gets into a rage fit. Jesse is very close to him, and sees him as a brother--though the two are prone to bickering over silly things, such as girls, food, and lending each other cash.


Ted Thompson: Ted is the leader of Jesse's clique, so he gets along well with Ted. The two often make competitions on who can 'score' with the most girls, and frequently tie with each other, or beat each other by one or two. It's a never-ending contest, really.

Damon West: Though the two don't connect on anything on a personal level, they do get along very well when playing sports together. Besides Casey, Jesse is prone to picking Damon for his teams, and as linebackers, they get along especially well on the field.

Parker Ogilvie: Parker first approached Jesse in sixth grade, asking about girl advice. Jesse took this positively, and sort of decided to take Parker under his wing. He purposefully gave Parker bad advice and then laughed about it, but later regretted it when he saw Parker's earnest trust in him. The two later began a friendship.

Hated Rivals

Worst Enemies:

  • Earnest Jones: Despite being girl-crazy and somewhat misogynistic himself, Jesse despises Earnest's attitude towards girls. He thinks of Earnest as 'scum', and especially hates him after the incident with the posters of Mandy. Earnest has hated Jesse for years, as Jesse always tended to target Earnest for bullying.

Intolerable Students:

  • Lefty Mancini: Though it is rather illogical, Jesse has had a bit of a grudge against Lefty after overhearing him call him an 'idiot' one day during English class.
  • Jimmy Hopkins: Jesse regards Jimmy as a 'twerp', and especially dislikes him once he realizes that Jimmy starts winning over the hearts of all the girls in the school.

Harmless Acquaintances:

  • Ivan Alexander: After the Jocks quickly caught on that Ivan was pretending to be friends with Ted for popularity, he became a sort of 'punching bag' to them. Jesse jokingly calls Ivan his 'little buddy', and uses him as a bullying dummy. Ivan, thinking that Jesse is actually considering him as a friend, takes it.

Hot Encounters

Hinted Attractions:

  • Eunice Pound: Jesse tends to flirt with any girl he meets, Eunice included. Though he has no real interest in her, he is still prone to flirting with her just as he would with a girl he was interested in.
  • Beatrice Trudeau: At first, Jesse was actually interested in Beatrice for a hook-up (and no more), but upon realizing she had cold sores, he lost interest in her. He does, however, 'harmlessly' flirt with her.
  • Karen Johnson, Melody Adams, and Gloria Jackson: As stated, Jesse flirts with any and all girls. He doesn't really 'flirt' with the younger girls, per say, but does act extra charming around them. They go wild for it, of course, as an older boy is paying attention to them, though they don't quite catch on that Jesse has no interest in them due to their ages.


  • Mandy Wiles: Though they get along poorly, Jesse is attracted to what he deems her 'feistyness'. He goes out of his way to irritate her, and enjoys seeing her angry with him. 
  • Pinky Gauthier: He tends to flirt with her only when she is in cheerleading practice, as she refuses to give him the time of day outside of it. He thinks she's gorgeous, however, and laments the fact that she is a prep. 


  • Christy Martin: Though not technically his 'girlfriend', Jesse is not above going to her for the occasional make-out session, among other things, and takes advantage of Christy's promiscuous nature.


  • Angie Ng: Angie and Jesse had a fling in his Junior year, though he since gave up on her since he decided she was too 'shy' for him. He still flirts with her occasionally, but generally tends to keep away from her as to not get her hopes up too much.

Extra Information

Eating Habits

  • Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore: Omnivore
  • Favorite Food(s): Steak, french fries, bacon cheeseburger from Burgers 
  • Favorite Drink(s): eCola, Lone Star beer 
  • Disliked Food(s): Salads in general 
  • Disliked Drink(s): Lemonade 

Added Information

  • Proclaimed Theme Song(s): Sexy Ladies - Justin Timberlake
  • Scent: Axe body spray in Score scent 
  • Favorite Color: Red, white, blue, and gold 
  • Favorite Season: Fall/Spring 
  • Favorite Animal: Horses 
  • Favorite Music Genre: Country 

Most Memorable Quote: "What if I'm only good in Texas?" 

Opinions on students who reside at Bullworth Academy– (in alphabetical order)


  • Lola Lombardi: "She's a beauty, but I ain't gone lie, her boyfriend scares me halfway to Sunday. Real shame a face like that is wasted on keepin' some grease monkey happy." 
  • Lucky De Luca: "That kid thinks he's so smart--well, he ain't!" 


  • Bo Jackson: "Bo's a cool guy, but I don't get all them studyin' habits he's got. Seems like a real waste of time, readin' all them books, when he could be playin' some lean, mean, down and dirty football!"
  • Dan Wilson: "Dan's a mean little guy, but he's alright when ya get to know him. Real shame his brother's such a dork, though, must be tough havin' a no-good, book-lickin' nerdlin' for a brother." 
  • Juri Karamazov: "I remember when I first met Juri, I made a commie joke that he didn't take to none too well. Ah well, that's all long since been forgiven. He's a real cool guy, though I still think football's better than wrestlin'." 
  • Kirby Olsen: "Kirby's got a real good grip on who he is, which is real nice for him. I don't get what's up with that shoe fetish, though--that shit's weirder than tits on a chicken." 
  • Luis Luna: "Luis is a good man, though he wastes his time doin' his homework like he does. I've been tellin' him for years; gettin' those dorks to do it for ya is way easier." 


  • Algernon Papadopoulos: "I'm always fixin' to give this nerdlin' a beatin'. He's a little twerp, that's what he is, always smellin' like piss. Didn't his momma ever teach him to pee in the bowl?"
  • Bucky Pasteur: "If this little dork wails on me one more time for hittin' on 'his girl', he's gonna have to spit my shoe right out, I'll kick 'im so far up the ass." 
  • Donald Anderson: "Another twerp, I don't know what this kid's deal is. So what if I ain't smart? That's none of his damn business." 
  • Fatty Johnson: "Didn't this kid's momma ever teach him to take a bath?!" 
  • Melvin O'Connor: "This one's a dork to the extreme. Grottos & Gremlins? You gotta be pullin' my leg." 


  • Gary Smith: "This kid's weirder than a hen with a full set of teeth." 
  • Pete Kowalski: "Hahaha, I love this kid! He's such a geek, real fun to mess with." 


  • Justin Vandervelde: "Nice kid, I've tossed a couple pigskins with him at the beach. Good arm." 

Opinion on Adults who teach and patrol at Bullworth Academy (in alphabetical order)

  • Ms. Danvers: "Ole Ms. Danvers... she's uptight and cold, but I know how to drive 'er."
  • Miss Peters: "Miss Peters' what pop would call your typical hippie. I don't like 'er much." 
  • Mr. Burton: "Mr. Burton's real mean, but I like 'im. He gets me good grades, free food, other... things... it's real nice." 
  • Mr. Galloway: "Galloway's a real lucky ol' drunk, gettin' Ms. Philips like he did." 
  • Mr. Hattrick: "What a jerk. I can't stand this fucker, nothin' but a fat lard, he's all hat but no cattle." 
  • Mr. Luntz: "This one's got a big hole in 'is screen door." 
  • Ms. Philips: "She's so beautiful... man, I love Deirdre. I love girls." 

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