Calling for Help

  • Rodeo's over here, boys!
  • Come on, y'all, we got ourselves a fighter here!

 Bumped Into

Friendly Terms

  • My fault, I'll be careful.
  • Careful now!

Unfriendly Terms

  • Watch it, bucko!
  • You need glasses?
  • Watch it, kid!
  • Move along now!
  • Outta my way!
  • Watch where you're goin'!
  • Scram!
By Townie/Dropout
  • Get outta here, failure!
By Jimmy when Respect is Low
  • Outta my way, has-been.
By Greaser
  • Don't you have somewhere else to cause an oil slick?!
By Nerd
  • Watch it, four eyes!
By Prep
  • I won't hesitate to beat you, rich boy!

Hit by Vehicle

  • Baby Jesus, help me!
  • Lord help me!
  • Can't you drive?!

 Saying Goodbye

  • Gotta go, kid. See ya.
  • Football practice is about to start, can't be late no more.
  • I gotta head out now, take care of yourself.

Bike Related

Crashing Bike

  • This is why horses are better!
  • Damn!

Seeing Bike Trick

  • Real nice, but it just ain't rodeo nice.
  • Quit showin' off!

Reacting to Failed Bike Trick

  • Look at the cool kid over here!
  • Feeling tough now, loser?!

Stealing Bike

  • Texas thanks you for your hefty donation!
  • That looks like my kinda ride!

Bike Stolen From

  • Now that just ain't polite!
  • Didn't your mama ever teach you no manners?!


  • This is funner than a barrel of monkeys!
  • Yee-haw!


  • Keep running, this is good training!
  • You just wait 'til I catch you, son!

Escaped From

  • Oh real tough, boy-o!
  • Next time I see you, fight like a real man!

Out of Breath

  • The air just ain't as good as it is in Texas!

 Wandering Around/Chatter

  • Ted thinks he's all that, but y'all know middle linebacker's what matters.
  • Mandy sure is hot. But she's real mean, too.
  • I guess Photography ain't so bad.
  • Man, I love girls.
  • Can't wait till practice later!
  • Maybe I'll get laid if I sneak into her dorm sometime...


  • Now that just ain't fair!
  • Ain't no justice in this world!


  • I don't know whether to scratch my watch or wind my butt.


  • A true Texas effort!
  • Real nice, son!


Ambient Conversation

  • That's real nice.
  • Now that's mighty fine.
  • I don't gotta worry 'bout grades no more, now that Mr. Burton's been talkin' to my teachers about it.
  • Photography's mighty confusing, but I'm startin' to get the hang of it. The club's real nice.
  • I sure miss Catolo back in Texas. I'm tellin' ya; horses are way better than bikes.
  • Casey shaved his chest to impress some public school girl; that kid's two sandwiches short of a whole damn picnic!
  • Mr. Burton made us practice out in the rain last night, real tough but I think I did good.
  • I don't even know why I gotta waste my time with no academic shit; everybody knows I'm just a football star!
  • Momma always said you can't ever be too careful, God rest her soul.
  • Ms. Philips a real sweet lady, she let me join in on the photography club even though I was late on joinin'.
  • Angie's a real sweet girl, but after what happened last year, I just don't got no time for it!
  • Those nerd kids look at me like a cow looks at a new gate, they're such dorks.
  • I heard all the girls are into that Hopkins runt! That kid's ridin' a gravy train with biscuit wheels, it ain't fair!
  • Bullworth ain't got nothin' on Bandera.
  • I'm real sure Pinky wants to get with me, but I just ain't into the whole rich girl attitude. Best let her down easy, I suppose.
  • Mr. Hattrick's about as friendly as a soaked cat, I don't think he likes me none too good.
  • Man, I sure hope we don't got that science test today...
  • I've already gotten three football offers from colleges, but I know that I'm gonna be choosin' Texas.
  • It sure is hard bein' this goodlookin'.
  • Mandy can be pretty hard to deal with, but I swear, sometimes she's just as sweet as a Texas smile.
Chapter 1
  • This year, we'll make state for sure! BULLHORNS RULE!
Chapter 2
  • Mighty glad they opened up the gates for us, girls in bikinis, here I come!
Chapter 3
  • I don't know why everybody's so worried about that Vincent kid, he's greasy as fried lard and twice as smelly.
Chapter 4
  • The big game is comin' up, and freshmen know what that means! Hell week!
Chapter 5
  • I guess Jimmy turned out to be alright. He's a good kid, he is.
Chapter 6
  • You hear Mr. Galloway got sent up to Happy Volts? I always thought the man had a big hole in his screen door, but I never wanted to say nothin' on account of him bein' an elder and all that.

Reacting to Rumor

  • Now wait just one darn second.
  • You gotta be pullin' my leg!
  • Shoot, man! No shit?
  • Now, don't get your cows runnin'.


  • Hold your horses.
  • Just take a minute and pray to the good Lord and you'll be fine, son.
  • Beats me, but let's go tan some nerd's hide and feel better about it.
  • Now you just need to quit yet bellyachin'.
  • Sounds pretty nice, son!
  • Yeah, that sound's about right.
  • I guess so.
To Question
  • Hold your horses, now, I'll get to it.
  • That's already long done, when did you get here?
  • Nah, us Texans ain't into that type of shit.
  • Sure thing!


  • You ever spend a night with that little lady, Christy?
  • Say, you ever been in an honest to goodness rodeo?
  • You hear back from that college 'bout your athletics scholarship yet?
  • You taken that history test yet?

Ending Conversation

  • Catch ya on the back side.
  • I'll talk to ya later; I need to see a man about a dog.
  • You take care of yourself, now.

Dodgeball Related


  • You didn't try hard enough, Jess!
  • Oh Lord, I've failed you!
  • I'm real sorry, momma, I'll try harder next time!

Defeated Team

  • Y'all need to try harder!
  • That ain't enough for the Lord, now!
  • If Burton could see y'all right about now, he'd be beatin' y'all like rented mules!

Trash Talking Player

  • You ain't nothin'!
  • Why don't you just quit now so ya don't embarrass yourself?!
  • Now you're sweatin' like a pregnant nun in church!

Trash Talking Opposite Team

  • Y'all are skinnier than snakes on stilts, you really think you can take us?
  • Y'all are as yellow as mustard but without the bite!
  • Get ready to get your asses handed to ya on a silver Texas platter!


  • Yee-haw!
  • Don't mess with Texas!
  • You see that, momma? That was for you!

Team Victory

  • Great job, y'all!
  • We did it, y'all! We beat 'em losers!


  • Just take this as a warm Texas welcome!
  • Come on now, you can't say you ain't used to it!
  • Now don't get your cows runnin'!
  • It's just how the world works, son!


  • Now that just ain't polite!
  • You're all hat and no cattle!


  • Now that's real nasty.

 Don't Hit

  • We're on the same team, kid!
  • Now that ain't in the Texas spirit!
  • Don't make me beat you, son!


  • I'm tired of those grease kids tryin' to pick up my girls. Send 'em a message, alright son?
  • Those dropout kids broke into the clubhouse and broke everythin'! Break somethin' of theirs for me, would ya?
  • Hey son, I just ain't got no time to bring this to my girl over there, would you take care of it for me?


  • Don't mess with Texas!
  • Now you just ain't shit, son!
  • You end right here, kid!
  • This one's for momma!

Bragging After Winning

  • I told you not to mess with Texas!
  • You just got beaten by a real cowboy!
Fighting a Townie/Dropout
  • I ain't scared of no dropout failure!
Fighting a Greaser
  • I seen deep fryers less greased up than you!
Fighting a Nerd
  • This ain't gonna take long, nerd boy!
Fighting a Prep
  • Can't buy no fists now, rich kid!

Fight Instigated

  • I'll whip you like a red-headed step-child!
  • You fixin' to get a beatin'?!
  • I'm gonna bust you like a ripe watermelon!
  • I'll whip you like I own you!

Beaten/Knocked Out

  • Our father who art in Heaven...
  • I'm sorry, momma!
  • Make sure Coach don't see me...!
  • Gotta get up before a lady sees me...
  • Man, I'm gonna be so sore at practice...!
  • Don't mess... with Texas...! Ugh...

Hit in the Nuts

  • Ohh, my boys...! (Groans)

Spit On

  • That ain't right!

Watching a Fight

  • Come on son, show some spirit now!
  • Fight like you were fightin' for Texas!
  • Now, this' almost as good as a rodeo!

Surprised regarding Fight

  • Friendly fire, Tyler's way!
  • Who was that?

 Fire Alarm

  • Yee-haw, this'll be fun!


  • Now, I didn't mean nothin' by it...
  • It was just a dumb joke...!
  • Man, I'm sweatin' like a dog shittin' razor blades...

Food Fight


Freak Show

  • That's mighty strange, alright!

Giving a Gift

  • Got this for you, son.

Given Gift To

Receiving Gift

  • Now thanks, son.
  • That was real thoughtful of you.


  • Thanks, kid.

Demanding Cash

  • Y'know, I need some cash for a new saddle!
  • The good barbecue 'round here ain't cheap, and you don't want me to go hungry now, do ya?
  • Time to pay back the great state of Texas for all its' efforts!

  • Now you're so broke, I bet you can barely pay attention!
  • This'll do for now, son, but just for now.
  • I see your momma taught you well, boy-o.


  • Mornin' son.
  • Hey, man!
  • Mighty fine day we're havin'.

Older Woman

  • Hello, ma'am.

Older Man

  • Hi there, sir.

Jimmy When He is Wearing Nice Clothes

  • You're lookin' like some decent cash, Jim!
  • Nice hat, son!
  • Real nice boots there, boy!
  • Say, that's a real nice shirt you got there.


  • Hey sweetheart, wanna take a ride?

 High Respect

  • Jim, my man!
  • Hey, Jim!
  • What's up, Jimmy-boy?


Low Respect
  • What you doin' runnin' 'round like a chicken with its' head cut off?
  • You want me to tan your hide or somethin', son?
  • Don't speak to your elders, boy-o!
Thinks Their Current Appearance is Not Good
  • I gotta get with Casey sometime and hit up the gym.
  • This Bullworth sun's suckin' up my tan, I swear.

 Surprised to Receive Help

  • I need some help, but a kid with your manners is willin' to lend a hand, yeah?
  • Your country needs you, son, but more importantly, I need you.

Requesting Help

  • Jim, I need your help right 'bout now.
  • Hey, Jimbo, willin' to do me a favor?


Offering Assistance

  • Ain't no protection like Texas protection.
  • I'm willin' to beat a couple losers if you need it.

About to Leave

  • I got a lady waitin' for me, and keepin' her waitin' any longer would be impolite. You understand.
  • I gotta head out, son, but this was fun.

Asking for Help

  • Need some help here, son!
  • Can't do this on my own, Jim!


  • What's up, fruitbasket?
  • You don't need nothin' of this, son!
  • There's fixin' to be a yellowjacket in the outhouse!
  • You look like the dog's been keepin' you under the porch!
  • I'll whup your ass right here, boy-o!
  • You get beat with an ugly stick?!


  • Wanna see what happens when you mess with Texas?!
  • Right here, right now!
  • You say somethin' about my ma, kiddo?!
  • You wanna take this outside?!

New Kid

  • Hey new kid, you're a loser!


  • You fall through a woodchipper again?
  • Someone got into a fight with the scissors!
Similar to Them but Low Respect
  • Now quit tryin' to pretend you're one of us!


  • I told you; don't mess with Texas!
  • What the hell do you think you're doin', son?!
  • Excuse me?

Jimmy After Respect is Lost

  • Nobody cares about you no more, Jimbo!


  • Nerd!
  • You're real lame!
  • If dumb were dirt, you'd cover an acre, son!


  • Momma always said fightin' was impolite...
  • Now, I ain't lookin' for no trouble...
  • Stand down, son, I was just jokin'...
  • Let's fetch some cold ones and talk about this, yeah?
  • (Crying) I-I'm sorry, momma...!
Not Intimidated
  • You think you scare me, son?
  • I've taken dumps more intimidatin' than you, boy-o!
  • You wouldn't stand a minute in Texas!
  • Yeah, cowboy linebacker's gonna be scared by the likes of you.
  • I ain't got no time for this, besides, fightin' is impolite.
  • Alright son, take off your daddy's shoes and quit pretendin' you're scary.
  • You look real cute, son.
  • Now you're just all hat and no cattle.
  • Smartasses don't fit in no saddles now, son.
  • That the best you got, kid?
  • Real scary, son. Try it for a Halloween costume.
  • Run along now.
  • Did you spend all night cookin' that one up?
  • You're funny, kid.
  • Friendly fire!
  • Watch it I got a game tomorrow!
  • Ain't your momma ever tell you you don't hit friends?!
  • Hey, I-I gotta go pray right now...!
  • Let's not do this now...!
  • I've always looked up to you...!
Sucking Up
  • Y'know, you may just be a little bit better lookin' than me...!
  • I could get you a spot on the team real easy, if you want!
  • I always said you were Texas-respectable!


Short Laugh

  • Ahhahahaha! Dork!

Long Laugh

  • Ahhahahahahaha, now that's just funnier than a hen with a full set of teeth!


  • Ain't nobody mess with Texas and get away with it!


  • (Retching noises)

Hit by a Dead Rat

  • That ain't polite!

 Helping Friend/Cliquemate

  • I'll help you!
  • You never leave a man on the field alone!


Seeing Something Cool

  • Real impressive!
  • That's mighty cool.

Seeing Something Lame

  • That's real lame.
  • Borin'.


  • Ain't your momma teach you no manners?!
  • That's disrespectful!

Weapon Fired

  • Watch where you're pointin' that thing!
  • Say, where could I get me one?

Something in Store

  • That's pretty cool there...

 Hit by Stink Bomb

  • Whew, smells just like a ranch in the summer heat!
  • Now that really stinks!


  • It's real disrespectful, sir, and I don't think his momma would be none too proud.
  • I can just feel the Lord frownin' about it, ma'am, and it needs to be fixed soon as possible.

 Leading the Way

  • I'll lead the way!
  • This way, son!

When Character does not Follow

  • I said this way!
  • Now what in tarnation?!


After Swirlie

  • That just ain't respectful!
  • Ain't your momma ever tell you a toilet ain't no place to dunk a head in?!
  • I better not be ugly 'cause of this!

Before Swirlie

  • I'll give you all my beers if you just don't--!
  • This ain't polite!
  • Can't we talk about this?!


  • That ain't alright!

What's That?

  • Now what in tarnation...

When TV is Shut Off

  • I'll beat you like a redheaded stepchild if you don't turn that damn thing right back on!

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