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Jimmy's Mother is, as her name implies, the mother of Jimmy Hopkins in Bully.

Jimmy's Mother
Jimmy Mother Mom
Status Jimmy's mother
Gender Female
Family Jimmy Hopkins - Son

Jimmy's Stepfather - Fifth Husband

Kissable No
Voice Actor Geneva Carr

Character Summary


Jimmy's mom talking to him in the opening scene of the game.

Jimmy's Mother, in the one cutscene that she is seen in, wears a purple dress coat with leopard print trimming over a violet dress. On her feet, she wears purple/lilac high heeled shoes.

She has auburn hair that is cut into a bob cut, brown eyes, and wears heavy purple eyeshadow. Her eyebrows appear to be drawn on and prominent, and she has heavy bags under her eyes. Some players believe that she is rather similar to Lola Lombardi in appearance.

In the postcard that Jimmy receives upon earning the camera, she wears an orange bikini with a green wrap, and sunglasses.

Not much is known about her personality, as she only appears in a short cutscene in the beginning of the game. She encourages Jimmy to be nice to his new stepfather, but loses her temper when Jimmy insults him, claiming that all she wants is a little peace and quiet with her new husband but that Jimmy keeps insulting him.

She is a distant parent, and is prone to leaving Jimmy to his own devices. It is likely she is at her wits end on trying to control Jimmy, and she seems to care more about her own life than Jimmy's.

Jimmy's latest stepfather is her fifth husband, and she and him drop Jimmy off at Bullworth Academy in order to be free to enjoy their year long honeymoon cruise.

On Christmas, she sends Jimmy an embarrassing reindeer sweater as a gift.

Jimmy's idle dialogue references her, he wonders about her and how she's doing. He seems to truly care about her, for example, when Gary insults her, Jimmy is irritated enough to tackle him.

She is almost sent a letter telling her that Jimmy was expelled from Bullworth in Chapter 5, but Dr. Crabblesnitch reveals he never sent the letter.


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