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Jimmy's Stepfather is the fifth husband of Jimmy's mother in Bully.

Jimmy's Stepfather

Jimmy's Stepfather dropping Jimmy off at Bullworth.

Character Summary

Mom and Stepfather Postcard

The postcard Jimmy recieves from his mother and his stepfather.

Jimmy's stepfather's cameo is the game is very short. He is said to look like former U.S. president Gerald Ford. He wears a green suit jacket over a white collared shirt, and his hair appears to be a graying brown, balding on the top of his head. In a postcard from the cruise that he and Jimmy's mother take for their year-long honeymoon, he wears a purple short-sleeved shirt over a white shirt and greenish/beige shorts.

He is much older than Jimmy's mother, however Jimmy's claim that he is twice as old as Jimmy's grandfather is unlikely due to the stepfather's voice. He is very wealthy, and his money pays for Jimmy's tuition to Bullworth Academy. Jimmy's mother is his trophy wife.


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Video Cameo

Bully SE Unused Cutscene - Full Car Introduction-001:43

Bully SE Unused Cutscene - Full Car Introduction-0

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