"Call me HOPKINS. JIMMY Hopkins."
— Jimmy

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James "Jimmy" Hopkins is the playable protagonist and main character in Bully.

Jimmy Hopkins
Status Student
Gender Male
Family Mother
Missions All Missions
Voice Actor Gerry Rosenthal

Character Summary

Jimmy 2

Jimmy upon arriving at Bullworth.

Jimmy is small but stocky. He is fifteen years old and has auburn hair that is in a buzzcut and brown eyes. He has freckles, and in his left ear wears a gold stud earring. At the start of the game, Jimmy wears a brown jacket over a white T-shirt, blue jeans, and white sneakers.

His uniform is a dark blue Bullworth sweater vest over a white collared shirt, and tan slacks, along with white sneakers. His pajamas are a dark blue T-shirt with a flaming skull on it, pale yellow sleep pants, and white socks.
Gym class--article image

Jimmy pinning down Fatty Johnson.

For Halloween he dresses as a skeleton, the costume being provided by Gary. Jimmy's gym uniform when playing Dodgeball is a yellow Bullhorns T-shirt, school shorts, and gym shoes.

Over the course of the game, the player may purchase various clothing articles for Jimmy, tattoos, and different hair styles and colors.

His best friend is Pete Kowalski, however, he sometimes teases and insults him. However, he defends Pete and is somewhat protective of him. Jimmy spends the entirety of the game attempting to conquer and neutralize the cliques in Bullworth.

While quick to fight, Jimmy is not wholly malicious. He has poor manners, which is evident when he speaks rudely to people even when he is helping them. He also has a tendency to help those who are weaker. Jimmy gets along with most of the teachers, except for Mr. Hattrick, who in Jimmy's defense treats him poorly.

Jimmy smash

Jimmy smashing one of the trophy cases in the school.

Over the course of the game, he wins over the heart of all the girls at the school, save for the younger ones, but only shows a long-term interest in Zoe, who he kisses on the front steps of the school in the final game scene. Jimmy can also kiss one boy from each clique if the player chooses.

Jimmy arrives at Bullworth after his mother remarries to a man whom Jimmy describes as a "rich old phony", and they decide to go on a year long cruise for their honeymoon.

Prior to attending Bullworth, Jimmy had been expelled from seven different schools for vandalism, disrespecting staff, violent conduct, and foul language. According to small talk, arson was also one of Jimmy's reasons for prior expulsions. Bullworth is his last hope before juvenile detention.

He is thought to have been modeled off of Holden Caulfield from The Catcher in the Rye.


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