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Bully: The Undead Story

This fanfiction was created by TheToughGuy.

Jimmy Hopkins returns as the protagonist in this story. Upon returning back to Bullworth after spending the summer with his mom and his fourth step-father, Jimmy returns to find the entire town overrun with zombies and everyone he knows fending for their lives. In order to survive this new kind of nightmare, Jimmy must gather everyone he knows and band them together to figure out how it all started as well fight a new group composed of murderous kids.

C-Money Series

This fanfiction was created by TheToughGuy.

Jimmy made a few cameo appearances in the first three installments, labeled as the Bullworth Trilogy. C-Money is not friends with him, but has stated that he has plenty of respect for him for what he does to keep the school stable.

Bully: New Kid Blues

This fanfiction was created by Falcon Takanashi.

Jimmy is one of the first students to greet Craig, and acts as his mentor throughout the story. Adam claims Jimmy did nothing to stop the bullying at Bullworth, but that is due to nobody liking the former by choice (except Gary).

Bully: Transferred to Bullworth

This fanfiction was created by Westside JDM.

Jimmy is one of Greg Bellic's closest friends; In the end Him and Greg take down John Maciel and Gary Smith in an all out brawl between the Sons of Irony, Townies, and Cowboys between the Gangbangers, Rednecks, and the Mafia. While all the other cliques are fighting below the tower

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