"The bullying, it's so pointless. What have I done to them!?"

Jimmy Queen is a Junior at Bullworth Academy. He is also close friends of Michael as he protects him from bullying and he takes them out to have a good time.


A very kind hearted young man. Very intelligent, honest, and an overall good guy. Sadly at Bullworth these traits aren't acknowledged as he is mercilessly bullied. He is small but he has a big heart, He isn't known for being aggressive or mean. Despite being really close to Michael he is scared of him aswell, Michael often dismisses his fear, says they'll always be friends. Michael often compares him to Ponyboy, a guy that grew up in a poor town, not wanting to fight all the time. He actually wants to get somewhere in life. He is also an avid reader. He currently has a crush on Bradi but is too afraid to let his feelings out. He often thinks he's a burden on others when he actually isn't. 


He is shorter then his other friends like Michael who is six feet tall. He is 5'6, 127 pounds. He's got short, black hair and is often thought to look like a gothic kid even though he isn't. Pale skin, and blue eyes. Really tiny ears and a very slim build.  


He was born in Bullworth Town to a young German mother and father that would soon leave him behind. He has spent sixteen years getting bullied by the Greasers in New Coventry. His mom struggling with two jobs and him having to take on a job as well. He believes himself to be a burden on his mother.

When he was fifteen his mom couldn't home school him anymore and Bullworth Academy was taking kids in, even poor kids so he was enrolled and that is where he met the closest friend he's ever had, Michael Diaz.


Michael Diaz: He and Michael first met at a Halloween party and have been friends ever since. He can't fight so Michael protects him and keeps him safe from harm.

Parker Ogilvie: Though from different backgrounds these two have turned into pretty good friends. They're getting better as the year continues.

Bradi McGuire: When he first saw her he was taken away by her beauty and is always stuttering and shy when he's around her. Which isn't really a big deal because she is just as shy around him and others as well.

The Greasers: When he was growing up in New Coventry he was mercilessly bullied by the Greasers, he hates their guts. As do they to him.

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