"And last but not least: the Jocks. These guys rule the school. Definitely avoid them."
Gary Smith

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Leader Ted Thompson
Second in Command Damon West
Hierarchy Position First (Tied with Townies)
Number of Members Nine
Main Hangout Football Field
Other Hangouts Gym
Fighting Style Tackling
Pro Wrestling
Favored Weapons Baseball bats
Rival(s) Nerds

Clique Summary

But I'm the mascot

Luis and Damon fighting the Mascot.

The Jocks are one of the five school cliques. They are led by Ted Thompson and their second in command is Damon West. They can spotted by their sporty clothes. They also wear athletic sneakers instead of dress shoes. They're the clique on top of the pecking order on campus, and they have an intense rivalry with the Nerds.

They are at the top of the school hierarchy, and at the same position in the overall clique hierarchy as the Townies.


Ted Thompson

Ted Thompson is the leader of the Jocks. He is the school's quarterback, and is captain of the football team. He is the boyfriend of Mandy Wiles, the head cheerleader. He is the most popular boy in the school, very handsome, once referred to as "pretty boy" by Jimmy, but not very intelligent.

Damon West

Damon is the Jock's second in command, as well as Ted's right hand man and best friend. He is very aggressive, and apparently has dreams of wrestling a gorilla. He is the strongest member of the Jocks, and the third toughest student on campus, after Russell and Bif.

Bo Jackson

Bo is a medium sized member of the Jocks. He is a good student, and maintains a positive relationship with his parents. It is possible that he is related to Gloria and Lance Jackson. They all share the same surname, and are all the same races.

Casey Harris

Casey is among the bigger members of the Jocks clique. He is girl crazy, and not particularly bright, and struggles academically. He has failed English class twice.

Dan Wilson

Dan is a smaller member of the Jocks clique. His younger brother is Thad Carlson, despite sharing a different surname.

Juri Karamazov


Damon and Juri arm wrestling in the cafeteria as Ted looks on.

Juri is one of the bigger members of the Jocks. He is Russian, and has a thick accent. He is very disrespectful towards girls, and does not care about school, instead only caring about sports. His best friend is Luis Luna, whom he practices wrestling with.

Kirby Olsen

Kirby is a smaller member of the Jocks clique. He plays on the Bullworth Bullhorns as wide receiver and is bisexual (as seen in Movie Tickets, but doesn't want to show it. He frequently uses the word "poundcake", and has a habit of staring at girl's shoes.

Luis Luna

Luis is one of the bigger members of the Jocks. He is best friends with Juri, and is hinted to take steroids. He does his own classwork on occasion, and does well in school.

Mandy Wiles

Mandy is the female clique member of the Jocks. She is head cheerleader, and dates Ted. She is mean and catty, and bullies Beatrice.


Bob is a deleted character in Bully, although he still appears in the cutscene of The Gym is Burning. He is very interested in wrestling, and is openly homosexual. He appears to have self-esteem issues.


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