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Michael Diaz Series

This fanfiction was created by MichaelDiaz101.

Right off the bat Michael is constantly harrassed by them. His hatred to being pushed around really set him off and set his very smart mouth off on them as well. The Jocks and Michael don't really get along all too well. The first time they met Michael was saved from having a fight with them. The day before the first day of school.

Transferred to Bullworth

This fanfiction was created by Westside JDM.

In the start of the game, The Jocks serve as the main antagonists in the game. Being raided during football games and ice hockey games by Greg and the other cliques. while Greg pilots helicopters that are armed with fake weapons and the cliques are on the ground fighting against the Jocks. In the later chapters, The Jocks try fighting back with slingshots, explosive footballs, boomerangs, BB Guns, Bottle rockets, Spud guns, Baseballs, Tennis Balls, Baseball Bats, Basket Balls, Dodge Balls, and Soccer balls. After the tenth chapter, Bullworth ends its athletic program; becoming a strictly academic school.

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