Mission Dialogue

  • No time to talk. I need you to follow Gord and take pictures of anything he might do with Lola.
  • I don't know, at the school? Go and check there. And when you find him, don't lose sight of him.
  • Yeah, pictures. But they're for my eyes only.
  • Ah, I knew it! I just knew it!
  • I told you to get some pictures, Jimmy, pictures!
  • You're not done? Get me those pictures!
  • Come on, I'm dying here! Could you get the pictures?
  • Well, hello Gord. Seems like you've been messing where you ought not.
  • Yeah, my woman! Now you pay!
  • Ah, I got some of that burning hatred outta my system. Here's your cash. Now scram.
  • Thanks, Jimmy! You're a good kid, y'know? Here's your money. See you around.
  • Come on! We know you know where he is!
  • You guys, you take care of these two losers.
  • Where's Algie, you walking beanpole?!
  • Shut up, Gary. You guys get Algie and bring him to me at the clubhouse.
  • You guys, take care of this pathetic excuse for a human being.
  • Get lost! This ain't none of your business!
  • Hahahaha! Nah, I'll enjoy the workout. Just make sure he doesn't interfere.
  • You're lucky, Jimmy. I'll kick your ass later.
  • You got a lot of payback coming!
  • Alright boys, good work! I got him where I need him!
  • Woaaaaahh!
  • I'm still gonna beat you!
  • I'm coming for you!
  • Watch out, Jimmy!
  • Better start running!
  • You never should've touched her!
  • You'll learn to keep your hands off my girl!
  • I'll teach you to laugh at me!
  • I'll show you, I'll show everybody!
  • Alright I give! She's yours!
  • See ya.
  • Sucker!
  • Bye-bye.
  • Alright Jimmy, you won. Well, of course my bike wasn't tuned right. I'm gonna head to the shop and do some work on it.
  • Come on, we're leaving.
  • I'm not crazy! Let me out, you pigs!
  • You can't keep me locked up! I didn't do nothin' wrong!
  • I love her! That's not crazy!
  • Ain't nothing crazy about what I did and you know it! You'd have done the same!
  • Jimmy! You gotta get me outta here!
  • You gotta get in the control room to open the door!
  • Get an orderly uniform from the laundry room.
  • The dropouts set me up.
  • What are you waitin' for?!
  • I'm free, you wankers!
  • Thanks for getting me kid! Hey, let's go out the back way, follow me!
  • Could I get a little help here?!
  • Hey, Jimmy, I'm hurtin' here!
  • I think I might've broke somethin'!
  • Damn! Can you open these doors from the other side?
  • I didn't ask you to come here!
  • Alright kid, you got the doors, let's go!
  • Thanks for getting me out, Jimmy.
  • Some of the local kids said they'd gotten together with Lola. I went a little crazy.
  • Yeah, anyways, I gotta go find Lola, see if it's true or not. See ya!
  • Shut up, Jimmy! You left us and everything went down the toilet!


Throwing Haymaker
  • How do you like that?!
  • Hahahaha!
  • You're nothing but dirt, Jimmy!
  • Right in the FACE!
Throwing Axe Kick
  • You maggot!
  • Scum!
  • You're nothing!
  • Worm!
  • Dog!
While fighting
  • I'm just toying with you, kid!
  • Hey, quit playing around!
  • When I'm finished beating you, I'm going home to Lola!
  • Hey, you're lucky you're ugly to begin with!
Fighting a Townie
  • You ain't nothing but a washed out reject!
Fighting a Jock
  • You don't know nothin', sporty-boy!
Fighting a Nerd
  • You know you ought to be running now, nerd boy!
Fighting a Prep
  • I've been looking forward to this a long time!
Starting a fight
  • I'm gonna break your face!
  • Aw, this is gonna be fun!
  • You think you can challenge me?!
  • Hey, you won't know what hit you, kid!
Winning a fight
  • My name is Johnny Vincent!
  • I told you not to mess with me!
  • You never had a chance, kid!

 Asking for Help

  • Ay, Jimmy, got a second?!
  • Jimmy, the fun's over here!

Bumped Into

Friendly Terms

  • Woah, man.
  • Careful, now.
  • Hey!

Unfriendly Terms

  • Don't touch the jacket!
  • Don't make me hurt you.
  • Look where you're going!
  • Do you know who I am?!
  • You don't wanna be messing with Johnny!
  • Are you looking for trouble?
  • What, you wanna rumble?!

Saying Goodbye

  • Gotta jet, take it easy bro.
  • It's been cool, kid, but I'm outta here.
  • I'm off. Don't wanna keep Lola waitin'.

Calling for Help

  • Boys! Over here!
  • Guys! Gimme some back up!


  • I'm coming for you, kid!
  • You better keep running, kid!

Escaped From

  • Alright, I'll let you go this time!
  • I'm coming for you later!

Out of Breath

  • (Panting) Phew... I should quit smoking...

 Wandering Around/Chatter

  • Why do you have to be that way, Lola?
  • I swear that guy was lookin' at her!
  • I wonder what Lola's doin' right now...
  • I need to work on my bike.
  • Ain't nobody making a fool of Johnny Vincent.
  • He better not have been talkin' about Lola...


  • That's just not cool, y'know!
  • It's making me real angry!


  • Woah...

Dodgeball Related


  • I'll get you next time!
  • I wasn't really trying, y'know!
  • E-Eh, you were just lucky, kid!

Defeated Team

  • Yeah, sure, you won, whatever!
  • Enjoy the victory while it lasts.
  • W-We'll get you, you just wait!

Trash Talking Opposite Team

  • We're gonna break you!
  • You got no chance against Johnny and his boys!
  • Why are you kids even bothering?!

Team Victory

  • Woo! That's right, boys!
  • Johnny Vincent and his boys win! Again!
  • Keep trying, kids! Maybe you'll get us next time!

Insulting in biycle race

  • You got no chance against Johnny Vincent!
  • You know you're gonna lose, kid!
  • Hey, why you even gotta try?

Friendly Fire

  • What's wrong with you, kid?!
  • Jimmy! Lay off!
  • You trying to be tough or something?!
  • Stop being a jerk, kid!
  • Just relax, kid!

Knocked Out

  • My face!
  • I hope Lola didn't see that...
  • It's just a scratch...!
  • That didn't hurt at all...!
  • Oh, you took down Johnny Vincent!
  • Lola... Please come find me!

Hit in the groin

  • Oh...! (followed by slight crying)

Spat On

  • Now you're making me angry!

Watching a Fight

  • Come on, kick his ass!
  • Alright, kid, show some spirit!
  • Hey, keep it up, and you might get to hang with my boys!

Surprised regarding Fight

  • What the?!
  • Who did that?!

 Fire Alarm

  • Guess I better go outside...

Giving a Gift

  • For you, kid.

Given Gift To

Receiving Gift

  • Thanks Jimmy! You're alright, y'know.


  • Thanks, kid.


  • Hey, how's it hanging?
  • Hey, kid!
  • Hey man!

 High Respect

  • Jimmy, my man, what's up?
  • Jimmy!
  • Hey, Jimmy!

 Surprised to Receive Help

  • Alright kid, I'll tell you how it is.
  • It's pretty easy, but it needs doing.

Requesting Help

  • Hey, Jimmy my man, can you help me out?
  • I need your help, kid.


  • Get outta here, kid!
  • You better scram before you get hurt!
  • You can't handle it!
  • I'm thinkin' of kickin' your butt!
  • Don't be pissing me off!
  • Don't talk trash about Lola!
  • I'm Johnny Vincent!


  • That ain't funny!
  • You shouldn't have done that!
  • Hey you want that I should kick your butt? (Needs clarification)


  • You suck, kid!
  • Just get outta here!
  • Don't try to be tough!


  • (Crying & Sniffling)
Not Intimidated
  • You ain't nothing special.
  • I ain't bothering with you.
  • And why should I care?
  • You're trying too hard, kid.


  • Hahahahahahaha, chump!
  • Hahahahaha! Ahhahahahaha!


  • Gotta teach 'em not to mess with Johnny!


  • (Retching noises)

Hit by a Dead Rat

  • Did you just throw a rat at me?!

 Helping Friend/Cliquemate

  • Don't make me kick your butt!
  • Hey, lay off my friend!


Seeing Something Cool

  • Woah, cool!
  • That's pretty flash!

Seeing Something Lame

  • Is that supposed to be cool...?
  • Whatever!


  • You're really pissing me off, kid!
  • You think that's funny?!

Weapon Fired

  • Woah!
  • Where'd he get that?

 Hit by Stink Bomb

  • Oh man! (coughing/gagging sounds)
  • (Coughing) Woah! Oh, that reeks!


  • It's gonna cause a lot of trouble if somethin' ain't done about it.
  • I don't like it, and I don't think my boys will either.

 Leading the Way

  • This way, kid.
  • Come on, Jimmy!
  • Hey, come on, kid!
  • Move it, kid!
  • Over here, man!

When Character does not Follow

  • Hey, where you going, kid?
  • That's the wrong way, man!
  • Where you running off to, man?
  • Wrong way, kid!
  • You trying to get lost?!


  • It just don't make any sense!


  • Woah, what's that?


  • Alright, Jimmy, you're the boss... Sorry, I forgot.
  • No sweat, Jimmy, I got it.
  • Oh, Jimmy, y-you saw us... Please don't tell Lola! (Unused)
  • Anything you say, Jimmy, just don't tell!
  • Alright Jimmy kid, I gotta jet soon.
  • Ey it's been fun Jimmy, but Lola is waitin' for me.