This character has been abandoned.

The page is being retained for historical purposes.

"If you want the drugs, then pay the fucking hell up, asshole."

Jonathan is a male character and one of the three main character in 'Survival of Scum.' He is a redneck born in New Austin.


Jonathan is fairly tall and has medium length light brown hair. He is fairly slim and his arms are littered in tattoos. He is of Scottish descent and has noticablee green eyes. Many scars are also on his torso, and a noticeable one on his cheek.

His appearance is rather gruff from the elemenst that have come to effect his body, and has added an extra level of toughness to him.


Born in Carcer City Jonathan later moved to the West Coast in his early twenties to achieve 'greatness'. His childhood was riddled with tragedy and many forms of violence from one of America's most violent and horrific cities. He proceeded to join the drug trade but later learned that there's better business in Liberty City. Liberty City was a great learning experience for the young, and naive Jonathan Waltz, but there was something he wanted, a vast enterprise. He stretched his influence west and hit the city of stars, Los Santos. As of recently, due to a scandal, he has had to retreat to the Sandy Shore Area to hide from the encroaching law enforcement.


Where fellow protagonist James Foster is quiet and within himself, as well as humble Jonathan Waltz is anything but that. Loud, obnoxious, and extremely aggressive. He is a strong headed business man, with savvy speech skills. Although, his skill in Firearms, and melee combat cannot be denied. He is lethal and despite his ability to intimidate an adversary he's no stranger to violence, in fact he prefers it that way.

FIB Profile

Age: 26

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 165

Belief: Scientology

Notes: Extremely aggressive, junky, loudmouth and a smooth talker, rather intimidating.

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