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Biographical Information

Full Name: Jordan Renee Balesterri


Jordan: "To Flow down"

Renee: "Noble"

Balesterri: "Adventurous"


  • The depressed Brunette: Everybody calls her that at school, due to her obvious signs of depression

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Date of Birth: June 25th, 1989

Astrological Sign: Libra

Family and Culture

Alan Balesterri

The corrupt Officer Balesterri, He is abusive to his daughter and to his wife. He has been on the Police force for 31 years, and around the time Jordan was born, Things got nasty. He started to become angrier and he would lose his temper with the detainees that he was detaining.

Adriana Contreras

Jordan's mother, she is an accountant in Bullworth. She is stuck in a marriage with Officer Alan Balesterri, and really is looking for a way out and away from her husband.

Kathrine Balesterri

Jordan's college-going older sister. She isn't as smart as Jordan, but is slicker and is the favored child of Alan.

Dominant Descendants: Sicilian

Distant Descendants: Spanish/Japanese

Physical Description

Hair Color: Rusette Brown

Hair Style: Long and curly

Eye Color: Sienna Brown

Eye Shape: Oval with glasses

Height: 5'0

Weight: 110 lbs

Figure: Skinny but muscular

Casual Attire

She wears a black T-shirt, with blue jeans

School uniform

Jordan wears the typical Bullworth skirt with a white and dark green blouse, with a green scarf, with white knee socks.

Gymnastics attire

Jordan wears a conventional blue Gymnastics leotard. She also wears various other leotards to gymnastics. She also puts contact lenses in because you can't wear glasses in gymnastics.

Winter attire

Jordan wears her regular attire, with black tights and a black leather jacket.

Gym class attire

Jordan wears a purple and green blouse, or the cheerleader uniform.

Personal Information

Current Living Arrangements: West side of Old Bullworth Vale, Her house.

Originated from: Bullworth, Massachusetts.

Traveled territories: San Giovanni, Italy, Monterey, California

Hobbies: Gymnastics, Journalism.

Fears: Her mom being killed, death, dying alone, nerds (Donald in particular), Expulsion

Religion/Beliefs: She is a catholic, as her mom and dad are catholics. She does not participate in church though, as she was only baptized

Health Behaviors

Addictions: Smoking

Physical Ailments: None

Disabilities: Clinical Depression

Issues: Anger issues

Chronological Information

Profession: Student at Bullworth Academy; Junior

Likes: Making out, her boyfriend.

Dislikes: Her gymnastics coaches, nerds

Most painful moment: Splitting the balance beam in between her legs at gymnastics, rolling ankle at gymnastics competition

Goals/Ambitions: After graduating, she aspires to get as far away from Bullworth as possible.

Personal Attributes


  • Pros: Friendly, Easy to get to know, athletic
  • Cons: Negative, Suicidal on occasions, fearful, Bi-polar.


  • Lies about things, only small things though

Good Habits

  • Always gets work in class done
  • Studies every day, after school.
  • Has good grades, but not straight A's

Bad Habits

  • Tends to curse at people in Italian when she gets angry enough
  • Has a mouth of a truck driver
  • Tends to ramble about her dad when she's in a bad mood.

Ratings on personality

  • Physical Strength: 4/10

Can hold her own against Victoria Peterson, and can outrun almost anyone in the school. She is a gymnast, so whenever she has to run the mile in gym class, Kyla always challenges her and almost always gets outran

  • Attractiveness: 6/10

She looks average, but she does her best to look like an attractive girl, she has an attractive face, with some hints of Asian, but mostly Sicilian and Spanish.

  • Honesty: 7/10

She's a teen, what do you expect? She lies only to get out of major trouble

  • Rule Abiding 9/10

She always abides rules, because her dad is a corrupt cop and has terrible judgement and extreme anger issues, She doesn't like to get in trouble because Dr. Crabblesnitch knows her dad personally and has no problem calling him when Jordan breaks a rule.

  • Sociability: 1/10

She is extremely anti-social due to her studying habits and her depression issues. She associates with very few people.

Bullworth Academy Information

Reason for enrolling: Alex and Adriana are both highly paid by their employers, and want Jordan to be successful. They enrolled her in Bullworth Academy because they thought it was better than the local public high school, when it is the same thing, they both have the same test scores.

  • Social Circle: None
  • Room Number: N/A
  • Roommates: N/A
  • Favored Subject(s): English

Jordan favors English because she plans to write for the Libertonian Journal, She has the highest grade out of all the junior class in English. She is also one of Mr. Galloway's favorite students.

  • Least Favored Subject(s): Math

Jordan dislikes math not only because Mr. Hattrick is corrupt, because she figured out that the math he makes the students do is college math.

  • Favored Teacher(s): Mr. Galloway, Mrs. Phillips
  • Least Favored Teacher(s): Mr. Hattrick, Neil, Mr. Burton, Mr. Matthews


  • Language(s): English, Spanish, Sicilian
  • Schooling Level: Junior
  • English: 105%
  • Math/Arithmetics: 90%
  • Music: 86%
  • Geography: 89%
  • Gym: 87%
  • Politics/Law: 100%
  • Economy: 84%
  • Cooking/Culinary: 78%
  • Shop: 73%
  • Chemistry: 94%
  • Botany: 82%
  • Art: 86%
  • Photography: 85%
  • Drama: 96%

Relations and affiliations


  • Talia Von Webber - Jordan and Talia get along quite well, due to them sharing similar backgrounds

Hated Rivals

  • Juliette Silacci - Juliette is the opposite of Samantha. Juliette is cruel and mean to Jordan, but Jordan fights back against Juliette, and can typically scare her off
  • McKayla Silacci - McKayla is another brat that Jordan personally cannot stand. McKayla likes to call Jordan "Four Eyes" and it pisses Jordan off. Needless to say, Jordan can just let Taylor know of McKayla's behavior, and Taylor will drop a bomb on McKayla
  • Autumn Kohler - Autumn's a bitch to her and Audrey. She's fought with Autumn in the streets, and has come out on top, because Jordan's a lot stronger than Autumn, and Autumn starts most of the fights,
  • Machaley Edgemon - Because of her friendship with Audrey and her cousin Julia, Jordan and Machaley hate one another with a burning passion and finesse, There's always rumors that Audrey and Jordan will someday fight Machaley, but they could probably kick Machaley's ass together.
  • Mallorie Von Webber - She friends with Talia, and she defends her when Mallorie is there bullying Talia.
  • Patricia Pagano - Patricia is one immature girl. She's another one who likes to call Jordan "Four Eyes" Jordan calls her Scrillex in exchange

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