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"I hear Audrey and Machaley are going to fight today, I'm taking Audrey's side."
— Julia
Julia Edgemon
Julia Edgemon
Birthday August 30th, 1989
Aliases - Jules
Eye Color Persian Blue
Hair Color Electric Blonde
Height 5'9
Grade Junior
Clique Preps
Status Upperclassman
Relationship Status About to be betrothed
Gender Female
Family Machaley Edgemon - Cousin
Hometown Honolulu, Hawaii
Nationality British
Rival Machaley Edgemon
Affiliations Preps
Main Hangouts Harrington House
Old Bullworth Vale
Creator Westside JDM

Julia Edgemon is a Third Generation Original Character created by Westside JDM. She is the cousin of Machaley Edgemon.


She is five feet and nine inches tall, Which is about the height of her cousin. She has electric blonde hair, with Persian blue eyes, her hair is also styled in a bob, it was longer when she was in middle school, but in 10th grade, she cut it short, to a bob

She wears the Prep's uniform, with white knee socks and black Mary-Jane shoes. In the winter, she exchanges the knee socks for black tights, and puts on uggs.


Many would think she's on Machaley's side of her conflict with Audrey San Lorenzo, but it's the exact opposite, she takes Audrey's side of the conflict, because she doesn't like her cousin. Back in Hawaii, Machaley's father didn't exactly like Julia's father because Julia's father got a job offering Machaley's father was trying to get into. It sparked an intense rivalry between the two families.

Every once in a while, she pulls a prank on Machaley, such as shaving her eyebrows in her sleep. This makes her relation with Machaley even worse.

Each time Audrey and Machaley fight, Julia is most likely to join Audrey's side of the fight.

Around her friends, she's the hands down funniest person you could ever meet.

Interests, Hobbies, and Talents

She likes to paint her nails with her friends every once in a while. She typically paints her nails pink, or red. She has intentions to become a nail stylist, at the salon she always used to get her nails done back in Hawaii.

She likes to go out of town occasionally to get her own clothes designed. She also has intentions to be a fashion designer or a model, she has the height to be a model.

She can rap, Julia occasionally will get on sound cloud to find the right beat for her music. She can rap to fast beats
Julia Edgemon

Lastly, she occasionally pranks Machaley for laughs, like cutting her hair in her sleep, shaving her eyebrows in her sleep, or scaring her when she has her phone in her hands. As a consequence, this makes her relationship with her cousin like North and South Korea, as Machaley makes threats to Julia after she pranked her.

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