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"Those army guys that my sister hangs out with are so weird!"
— Juliette

Juliette Silacci is a fourth generation Original Character created bu Westside JDM. She is the twin sister of Samantha Silacci.

Juliette Silacci
Juliette Silacci
Birthday August 19, 1991
Aliases - Jules
Eye Color Jasmine Green
Hair Color Phantom Black
Height 5'7
Grade Sophomore
Clique Jocks
Status Cheerleader
Relationship Status Single
Gender Female
Family Albert Silacci - Father
Maya Robinson - Mother
Taylor Silacci - Older Sister
Samantha Silacci - Twin Sister
McKayla Silacci - Younger sister
Ashley Robinson - Cousin
Hometown Cape May, New Jersey
Nationality Canadian
Rival All other unpopular girls
Affiliations Cheer squad
Main Hangouts Football field
Creator Westside JDM


She stands at a height of 5'7, She has phantom black hair with jasmine green eyes, she also has a light tan, unlike her three sisters.

Uniform wise, she wears the cheer uniform, unlike her older sister, Juliette wears her uniform because she wants to show dominance over every other girl in the academy.

In the winter, she puts on the non-clique uniform, with white tights.

For Halloween, she dresses as an Oktoberfest girl, It's gotten her detention, because of it supposedly being too revealing all over her body.


Juliette follows the rich and popular stereotype, as she is incredibly mean to those who aren't in her social circle, and she's also a bully. Juliette's sister, Taylor frequently reminds her that being a cheerleader isn't about degrading those that she doesn't like, but Mandy applauds Juliette for her actions towards those that aren't in their social circle.

At home, Juliette is always trying to bully her sister, Samantha. Sam however always has some sort of comeback to Juliette's insults.

Juliette is also a pathological liar, When Taylor confronts Juliette about her bullying, Juliette lies to her sister about bullying other students. Taylor however can somehow tell when Juliette is lying to her, and often says she will make sure that she loses her cheer squad privileges, but Mandy often ignores Taylor's requests for Juliette to be taken off of the squad.

She's also extremely judgemental and shallow, She thinks if somebody is a little on the homely side, they're instantly mean and they are a bad person. She was never taught as a child to not judge somebody by their appearance

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