"I don't think nerds are actually human. They are sub-human!"
— Juri Karamazov

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Juri Karamazov is a member of the Jocks clique in Bully.

Juri Karamazov
Clique Jocks
Gender Male
Rival Nerds
Kissable No
Missions The Gym is Burning
Voice Actor Lloyd Floyd

Character Summary

Football Field

Juri in his gym uniform.

Juri is a taller, broader member of the jocks. He has dark brown hair that is in a buzzcut and light green eyes. He usually wears a blue team sweater over a long sleeved white shirt, gray slacks, and blue gym shoes. In the winter, he adds a wool hat and white mittens to his outfit. His left wrist is wrapped in bandages, much like prep member Chad Morris.

Juri could be considered to be a stereotypical jock. He does not have much interest in his grades, enjoys harassing the nerds, and is very into sports, particularly wrestling which he practices with his best friend Luis Luna. He is very misogynistic; one of his biggest worries is being perceived as "girly", and his usual dialogue is disrespectful to girls. He is on the football team, but his team number is unknown as he is never seen in his uniform. He prefers wrestling to football.

Juri's name and accent suggest that he is from Russia, however at times his accent is lighter, or nonexistent. He struggles occasionally with the English language, often using incorrect grammar. During the school election time, Juri is unable to pronounce the word 'president', and apparently does not know the English phrase for 'fire alarm'.

His name in Russian is Юрий Карамазов.


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