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During missions and others

  • Oh dear Hopkins. Seems you don't have a key to get out.
  • I have a key and you don't.
  • Don't you wish you had the key Jimmy?
  • I bet you like a key Hopkins.
  • You won't catch me Hopkins!
  • See ya!
  • I'm too fast for you Hopkins.
  • Nice try slowpoke.
  • Watch it. He's trying to get away.
  • What on earth are you wearing? That's not Aquaberry.
  • Don't be foolish. We can't let you in without an Aquaberry shirt.
  • You better stop acting all tough Hopkins or I'll make you regret it.
  • Look behind you Hopkins!
  • Take care of him boys!
  • Just give up Hopkins!
  • Hahahaha! You're slow.
  • You're not going to catch me like that.
  • whizzes* Over here.
  • That's right Jimmy wash up. You stink.
  • Do you know what's in that water Jimmy?
  • Hey! Can I have a little help out here?
  • Now that my friends have softened you up It's time for me to finish the job.
  • You'll be sorry Hopkins!
  • Hahahahah! It's mine now sucker.
  • What do you think that noise was?
  • Tell me about it. They even practiced wrestling at night. Did you know?
  • The two of them keep me awake sometimes with their grunting and groaning.
  • Who let Hopkins in here?
  • I thought I smelled something poor.
  • Run him off.
  • Drive him out.
  • I'll try not to hurt you too bad.
  • Famous last words Hopkins.
  • Hit him in the face.
  • He's not getting up. Mark my words.
  • Man I just love these fights.
  • Sure thing.
  • I'd be worried about catching something.
  • It's going to be embarrassing for him when she waits on his table one day.
  • That Gord. He's always being such a ray.
  • We got us a peeping tom here.
  • Oh. Those are true.
  • Come on.
  • So Harrington House is purchased presents for the student body.
  • To make it a little more interesting we've hidden them all around town.
  • The risk reward ratio only adds to the enjoyment my young poor friend.
  • Hm. There's a little problem. Your parents need to be members of the board for you to be elligible.
  • Tell you what old chap. We'll give you that old abandoned beach house. Should be nice once you clean it up.
  • There you are sir.
  • I've got Daddy's checkbook with me.
  • Top dollars for top grades. Makes sense to me.
  • Indeed. But since we're good friends I'll only charge you a small fee to look at the cheat sheet.
  • Greetings. Did you chaps bring the money?
  • Do you have my cash?
  • You guys looking for something?
  • Thanks for the cash chaps.
  • Money! Money! Hahahahaha!
  • See you at midterms.
  • Hopkins?
  • That bastard is trying to rat on us.
  • What are you looking at peon?

Suggesting to provide protection

  • Sound like a lark. I'm in.
  • What a capital idea.

ALLY About to Leave

  • This is getting dull. I'm out.
  • I'm done with this nonsense Jimmy.

ALLY Help Me

  • I'm getting assaulted.
  • Help me Jimmy!

Giving the errand

  • Here! Throw these eggs at someone then you'll be cool.
  • Figures that this dump would be out of proper paper. Be a good man and fetch me some.
  • Go show those paupers what you think of them. Go on.
  • Paying you to harass poor people makes me feel good about myself.
  • Someone needs to write some mean-spirited graffiti in New Coventry. Not me obviously. They beat me up.
  • I bet you can't beat my swimming record. You just don't have the poise.
  • It's been a while since someone egged the girls dorm. I'd do it myself but I'd prefer to hire a peon.

Getting knocked off bike

  • My bike!
  • My clothes!

Comment on successful bike trick

  • What a dumb stunt.
  • I guess it's a cheap way to amuse yourself.

Comment on failed attempt at trick

  • Well that was exceedingly stupid.
  • You're an idiot Hopkins.

Stealing a bike

  • Look out peon.
  • I need that.

Has bike stolen from

  • That's my property.
  • My daddy paid good money for that.

Winning a fight #1

  • Nobody can touch me.
  • That's right. I'm the best.

When into him bump friend

  • Oh excuse me.
  • Hey there.
  • Pardon me.

When into him bump others students and enemies

  • Get out of my space, peon.
  • Do not rumple my clothes.
  • Do not presume to touch me.
  • Mind your manners.
  • Peon.
  • Fool.
  • Are you blind?

When into him bump Dropout (or Jim in their clothes)

  • Go get fried somewhere else junkie.

When into him bump Greaser

  • Wipe the grease out of your eyes bum.

When into him bump Nerd

  • Get back to the library.

Getting hit with bike/car

  • You did that on purpose.
  • You better be insured.
  • You won't get away with that.

Saying Goodbye

  • I think I better excuse myself.
  • Here's where I make my eggs.
  • I'm done with this exercise.

Saying about the carnival or the rides

  • Not bad for a low class place.
  • Mingeling with the lower class can be fun sometimes.

Calling friends for help

  • Help me! I'll pay you!
  • I need a bodyguard! Help!

Chasing someone

  • Keep running, peon!
  • Run for your life!

When someone hide from him

  • That's right! Run and hide like a coward!
  • We'll get you later Jimmy Hopkins! Mark my words!

Out of breath

  • He's getting away.

Walking around talking to himself

  • Maybe I should join the sports team.
  • There are not enough greek marble sculptures in this school.
  • I wonder if Ted wants a prep friend.
  • We should have another party at Harrington House and invite the Jocks.
  • I don't see why Derby doesn't wanna ally with the Jocks. It'd be a perfect match.
  • I wonder if the other preps wear Aquaberry underwear like I do.


  • My father will hear of this. It is totally unacceptable.
  • Someone of my caliber should not be treated like that.

When confused

  • What is going on?


  • Good show!
  • Well done!

During a conversation

  • Well then.
  • Hmm. Yes.
  • This will be the year that we finally put the greasers in their place.
  • Dr Slawter was ranting about the plant at Harrington House again. I think he's crazy.
  • Did you hear about Lola and Gord? Goes to show the Preps are superior the Greasers in every way.
  • Hopkins is set to take over the whole school. Mark my words.
  • Gary was saying bad things about Jimmy. I think it's just jealousy.
  • I'm sure all those things Gary said about Jimmy were true.
  • The Greasers use old frying oil the style their hair. I'm sure of it.
  • The Greasers try to act tough because they know they don't have a future.
  • Greaser girls are easy. They have to be because they're so low class.
  • You can always judge a person by the quality of their clothes.
  • You can get away with anything if you have enough money.
  • Mr. Hattrick used to work for my father. It is quite useful sometimes.
  • That's a juicy tidbit all right.
  • Don't know if it's true but I'll be sure to tell everyone.
  • That's too good to be true.
  • I wouldn't be talking about that if I were you.
  • Sometimes I don't think I'm interested in girls, you know?
  • I worry that I'm not shallow enough. People might think I'm a nerd.
  • Sometimes I think I don't keep my lessons in their place. That might get the wrong idea.
  • My egged weren't use been off. I think the pressure school's getting to me.
  • Too bad for you, isn't it?
  • Never really bothered me to be honest.
  • I'd say too bad but actually I don't care.
  • I think that's rather funny, frankly.
  • It's hard to develop a real friendships at Bullworth. Everyone's just using each other.
  • It really is a pity that The Preps and The Jocks don't gang up on The Greasers.
  • Some of the teachers here can't be bought. It's an outrage.
  • There are way too many undesirables at this school.
  • Well, bye now!
  • Goodbye!
  • I'm off!
  • My dad arranged for me to get perfect marks this year.
  • I had a filthy Greaser in the back of the head with an egg. It was perfect.
  • I think I'll skip university and go straight to my father's business.
  • Derby told me last night I was his best friend.
  • I really admire you for saying that.
  • You've always been superior to the rest.
  • That's what sets you and I apart from the others.
  • You ever wanted to hang out with the Jock?
  • You ever get caught cheating on the test?
  • Ever try to bribe the teacher?
  • Ever manage to hit someone with egg?
  • All the time.
  • Not really my type thing.
  • Yes, I have... but it didn't work out for me.
  • No. It's rather low class if you ask me.

Losing in Dodgeball

  • I should've just sponsored someone.
  • I hate underestimated you.
  • I hope you know I let you win.
  • How could we let those pleaves beat us.
  • We should be ashamed of ourselves.
  • It doesn't matter. We're still better than them.


  • Ugh... how low class!

Hit by friendly fire

  • Don't be a cretin!
  • Don't hit me you dolt!
  • Are you an idiot Hopkins?

While fighting

  • I outclass you peon!
  • You'll regret this!
  • I'll put you in your place!
  • I'll knock you down a peg.

Losing a fight

  • Stop, please! I'll pay you!
  • Pick on someone your own size!
  • I'm still richer than you!
  • You've ruined my fine features!
  • I would have paid you not to beat me!
  • This isn't supposed to happen to rich people…

Starting fight with Dropout

  • I'll trash your scrawny junkie hide.

Starting fight with Greaser

  • I love beating you too, Greaseball!

Starting fight

  • You look a little scrambled!
  • These yolks crack me up!
  • You look a little shell shocked!
  • Ain't I a stinker?

Starting fight with Jock

  • I'm going to end your career right here!

Starting fight with Nerd

  • Let's match with Dorkmaster!

Kicked in the groin

  • AWW! Why did you have do that?

Taken down and spit on

  • How humiliating!

Watching a fight

  • The losers are rotten egg!
  • Come on! Make him bleed!
  • I love watching poor people fight!

When someone hit him

  • Who would dare?
  • Hey! That hurt!

When the fire alarm goes off

  • Oh good, a diversion.

When flustered

  • Uhm, erm... let's just talk about it.
  • Can we change the topic?
  • I have powerful friends you know.

Starting food fight

  • This food is only fit for throwing!

Suggesting to buy his property

  • Jimmy, you want to buy this!?!
  • Hopkins, you look like a potential buyer!

Talking about freaks

  • This is like being at a Greaser family reunion.

Receiving a gift

  • Cheers, Jimmy.
  • Thanks, Jimmy.

Demanding money

  • Hopkins, you better hand over some cash.
  • You have to support your betters, Hopkins. Pay up.
  • You better support the Harrington foundation. Cash only.

Demanding money for protection

  • Jimmy, I won't be your friend for free.
  • You need to pay the appropriate tribute, Hopkins.

When getting money from his victim

  • The Harrington foundation thanks you. Hahaha!
  • Clever chap Hopkins. Very clever!
  • Good to see you know your place!

Giving a gift

  • Take it. You can thank me later.

While greeting friends

  • Hello, my... fellow buddy!
  • Finally! Someone with class!
  • Looking good!

While greeting authority

  • Hello jerk, I mean... um sir!
  • Hey cow, I mean... um ma'am!

Special greetings friends

  • What's up tutorial splendor?
  • Sharp haircut Jimmy!
  • Excellent shop hull my friend.
  • Excellent pants! I mean Aquaberry!
  • Those look pretty comfortable!
  • I can't help but notice your shirt Hopkins!

When flirting

  • I'm rich! Wanna go on a date!?


  • Pleasingly Grecian.
  • Damn...I'm handsome.

Requesting an errand

  • Very well Jimmy! Listen and listen closely!
  • I'm sure even like you can understand what needs to be done.
  • Hopkins, I'm frightfully in need of your help.
  • Jimmy, I need you to do me a favor.

Being indignant

  • Do you know who my father is?
  • You dare strike me you piss ant!
  • I'm not too small to brawl.

While greeting of Jim with fearing

  • fearfully coughs* Hello!

Some insults of enemies

  • Filthy peasant!
  • Ignore it peon!
  • Lazy parasite!


  • Hahahha! Peasant!
  • Ahahahhaah! Very funny!


  • That reject needs to be taught a lesson!


  • just belching*

Hit by thrown dead rat

  • Who threw that Greaser pet?

While greeting someone in bad terms

  • Well if it isn't that reprobate Hopkins.
  • You don't interest me Hopkins.
  • No Hopkins. You do not speak to me!

While greeting someone in good terms

  • Oh hi Jimmy.
  • How are you Jimmy?
  • Hopkins. Good to see you.

When scared

  • Please don't hurt me.
  • Are you really going to make me beg?
  • Please don't make me beg. Please.

Aiding a fight

  • Never fear!
  • Stop that you peasant!

Perceiving a thing as cool

  • I should make father buy one!
  • How amusing!

Perceiving a thing as crap

  • Poor people might be impress.
  • How very lackluster.

While seen vandalism

  • Stop! That's mine!
  • You damaged my property!

Saying about fireworks

  • Careful with that thing!
  • Whoa!

When finished the work

  • Pleasure doing business with you Hopkins!
  • Another strike for capitalism... eee!

Hit with a stink bomb

  • coughs*
  • That's stinks like *coughs* Greaser!

Clothes browsing

  • Hm. Does Derby have this already?
  • Oh, this would look good on me.

When suck up

  • Look. I can pay you or something...
  • There's no need to be hostile, is there?
  • Do I ever tell you how much I respect you?

While seen tagging

  • You're devaluing property!
  • This is not the ghetto! Okay?!

Informing the crime

  • You should do something about it! After all my father pays for your wages!
  • It's a travesty against the natural order! You have to do something!

Taunting #1

  • Has my dad fired your dad yet?
  • You'll work for me one day!
  • Has your mom washed my shorts yet?
  • Still mowing lawns for lunch money?
  • Must suck to be a poor loser, huh?
  • I'm rich and you're not!
  • I'll always be better than you!
  • You'll pay for your insolence!
  • I'll teach you to stay in your place!
  • Social climbers get beaten down, punk!
  • Do I have to beat your insolent ass?

Ignoring a fight

  • Money talks right. Let's negotiate this.
  • No need to get so hostile!
  • You know if you want I could introduce to you some people!

Taunting #2

  • (shoving) Remember your place peon!
  • (shoving) Don't ever talk back to me again!
  • (shoving) Maybe that will teach you!
  • (shoving) Start snivelling peon!
  • (taunting the new kid) Know your betters, new kid!
  • (kicking out someone) There's no welfare office around here. Get out.
  • (taunting the clothes) You look like a blind scarecrow.
  • (taunting the hair) Your hair just screams unemployed, Jimmy.
  • (taunting the pants) I gave those pants to charity last year!
  • (taunting the footwear) Those shoes are unspeakable!
  • (taunting the tattoo) Don't let The Townies tattoo you ever again.
  • (when speaking about eggs) You smell like a rotten egg, Jimmy!
  • (taunting Jimmy after he's expelled) I'm surprised you didn't get expelled!
  • You can dress well but you're still trash!

When crying

  • I don't like this!

Other taunts, insults and fears

  • I don't speak to the help.
  • I only acknowledge kids in my tax bracket.
  • No, you can't have a job!
  • Quick pestering me!
  • Is that a rotten egg, or just your breath?
  • Ask your mom if my laundry's ready.
  • You're just making your rent go up.
  • I'd be your dad, but the dog beat me up the stairs.
  • I'll be your boss one day, so watch it!
  • You don't have a future, so shut your trap!

Getting bullied

  • Couldn't you pick on a poor kid?
  • Just because you're mmm jealous! (intimidated voice)
  • But you're suppose to respect me!

Saying this way

  • Hopkins, follow me!
  • Come along now, Hopkins!

When thanks of Jim

  • I suppose I should thank you, Hopkins!

After getting swirlie

  • You enjoyed that way too much!
  • God I feel sick!
  • Actually, I think that might be good for my skin...

Getting swirlie

  • Are The Greasers putting you up to this?!
  • Come on, Hopkins, don't do this to me!
  • (crying) I'm sorry for all the things I ever did...please let me go...

Winning in Dodgeball

  • I'm better than you in every way!
  • You have no class!
  • You don't have a chance, peon!

Insulting in bicycle race

  • Are superiority getting too easy victory?
  • I can't believe we have to compete against you!
  • What a bunch of pathetic peasants!

Laughing at a headdress

  • Did someone puke on your head!?

When thanks of someone

  • You have my gratitude.

Winning a fight #2

  • Rich people win period!
  • Of course I won! I'm rich!
  • As predicted, I win!

After being humiliation

  • That wasn't funny at all!
  • I'll remember this when you work for me!

When winning Dodgeball with his team

  • Are natural superiority clearly shows?
  • We're better and richer than you.
  • Good breeding always shows!

When physically bullying of someone

  • You're not so tough you penny waif!
  • Say mercy, master Justin! Say it!
  • I love taunting my inferiors!
  • It's your own fault for being low class!

Saying wrong way

  • Why are you going that way, Hopkins?
  • Where do you think you're going?

When whining

  • Oh, it just shouldn't happen to someone like me!


  • I don't get it!

WTF with TV

  • Turn that back on, peon!

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