Not to be confused with Kai Olsen, Another OC with the same name.

"I'm the Chinese ninja kid, huh?"
— Kai

Kai Leu is a fourth generation Original Character created by Westside JDM. This OC is one of Westside's signature nine Original Characters.

Kai Leu
Kai Leu
Birthday August, 17, 1988
Aliases - Chinese ninja kid
Eye Color Sienna Brown
Hair Color Shadow Black
Height 5'7
Grade Senior
Clique Felony Fighter
Status Leader
Relationship Status Single
Gender Male
Hometown Dandong, China
Nationality Chinese
Rival Derby Harrington
Johnny Vincent
Ted Thompson
Affiliations Felony Fighters
Main Hangouts The Hole
Creator Westside JDM


He stands at a height of 5'7, and has Shadow black hair with Sienna Brown eyes.

Uniform wise, he ignores the dress code and wears a black hoodie, with black jeans, and black and white converse sneakers.

In the winter, he simply puts his hood up.

For Halloween, he dresses as a martial artist.


Living most of his life in Communist China, he doesn't really have much, besides a couple of pieces of clothing, a Chinese counterfeit cellphone, and a couple model cars. He is always grateful for whatever he gets.

He's a friendly person, even to those outside of his clique. He's willing to protect anybody who's getting bullied, He is also good friends with Rogelio Alvarado, the leader of the guerrillas

Kai is also extremely wise for his age, he has a lot of advice to share with people.

He is an extreme adrenaline junkie, he commonly commits crimes or pisses the townsfolk off and runs from them.

He's a stealthy kid, He's the kid who also steals confiscated things from people, He typically strikes during the night, and to make sure nobody finds him, he pulls the fire alarm.

He speaks in a calm tone of voice, and he rarely every raises his voice, he is also honest to the point of being brutal.

He's always willing to help those that are losing a fight to someone tougher. When he witnesses a nerd fighting a jock, he runs over to aid the nerd by weakening the jock, simply by sneaking up and delivering some thirty caliber punches to the back

He doesn't stand for bullying, he's been bullied before, and he knows how it feels, because back in China, he was frequently picked on, but he fought back.

Kai doesn't really get angry, but when he does, he hits much harder in a fight.

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