"I honestly don't care that my parents are rich."
— Kaitlynn
Kaitlynn Mendoza
Kaitlynn Mendoza
Birthday December 13th, 1990
Aliases - Kate
Eye Color French Brown
Hair Color Rustic Brown
Height 5'6
Grade Senior
Clique Preps
Status About to graduate
Relationship Status Broken Heart
Gender Female
Family Matthew Mendoza - Father
Katherine Boucher
Craig Mendoza- Cousin
Hometown Madrid, Spain
Nationality Spanish
Rival Mallorie Von Webber
Affiliations Preps
Main Hangouts The Beach
Creator Westside JDM
Signature Kaitlynn Grace Mendoza
Kaitlynn Grace Mendoza

Kaitlynn Mendoza is a Second-Generation Original Character made by Westside JDM.


She has rustic brown hair and French brown eyes, She also wears the Prep's uniform, with knee socks and black Mary-Janes. She is about 5'6 in height


She's anti-social and she's gun-shy towards everybody, She tends to hang out with nobody other than the preps.

Deep down, she really doesn't care about anything or anyone, but she does watch out for her friends and she's always there for them.

She doesn't care that her parents are rich either, But she doesn't usually donate money to the less fortunate.

She does have a short temper, and will blow up. If anything is said about her cousin, the afterburners will ignite, and she'll enter dogfight mode instantly

Interests, Hobbies, and Talents

She's into dancing, which explains her position on the cheer squad. She's only danced for two years, but she's gotten experienced faster than most of the other dancers.

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