"I'm clearly going places."
— Karl

Karl Branting is the leader of the Prefects at Bullworth Academy in Bully.

Karl Branting
Karl Branting
Clique Prefects
Status Leader
Gender Male
Affiliations Bullworth Academy
Dr. Crabblesnitch
Kissable No
Missions This Is Your School
Voice Actor Wilhelm Lewis

Character Summary

Karl is the only black prefect and has his hair styled into a fade. He wears the usual uniform of the prefects, only he swaps out the tan slacks for gray ones. Of all the prefects, Karl is the shortest. Despite this, he is still just as capable as his fellow prefects at busting troublemakers.

As a whole, Karl is very authoritarian. He refuses to tolerate insolence and believes that Bullworth needs more discipline. Personally, Karl appears to be a social climber, and believes that he is 'clearly going places'.

While not as corrupt as other prefects, Karl has a tendency of using his authority to threaten students with ruining their lives. He is generally a serious person about his role in the academy, even reporting personally to Dr. Crabblesnitch, though when he is upset he tends to abuse his authority.

Though he plays no major role in the game, he is the prefect who spots Gary and Jimmy breaking into Russell's locker in This Is Your School. Though removed, he was originally intended to have a small role in Hattrick vs. Galloway, where he chased Jimmy after seeing him with alcohol bottles.

Notably, he speaks slowly and enunciates very clearly.

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