Not to be confused with Talia Von Webber or Robin Sawyer, Two OCs that look like the same celebrity as Katie.

"It's funny how there's two other girls in this school that look just like me. One of them is my friend, and the other is my enemy."
— Katie

Katie Constanza is a fourth generation Original Character created by Westside JDM.

Katie Constanza
Katie Constanza
Birthday September 5, 1991
Aliases - Kate
Eye Color Graphite Gray
Hair Color Beige Brown (Natrually)
Bomber Black (Dyed)
Height 5'4
Grade Sophomore
Clique None
Status Follower
Relationship Status Single
Gender Female
Hometown Bullworth, New Hampshire
Nationality Italian
Rival Robin Sawyer
Main Hangouts Old Bullworth Vale
Creator Westside JDM


She walks around school with a rather confident look on her face

she idolizes Dita Von Teese. She dyed her hair bomber black and styled it similarly to her idol's hair style.

Uniform wise, she dresses in the non-clique uniform, with white knee socks and black Mary-Jane shoes. In the winter, she puts on white tights, a green jacket, and white gloves.

For Halloween, she dresses as her Idol.


Katie retains a positive attitude, despite she is frequently picked on by the cheerleaders because she idolizes a celebrity. She however frequently tells them off, and has almost lashed out at them, they frequently call her a nerd, and she will either just tell them off, or ignore them entirely.

Katie is also a friendly girl, desperate boys often think she likes them more than a friend, but she's not looking for a relationship.

She's a smart girl, and she does well in math, despite not liking Mr. Hattrick, and she likes to read books, She's read books written by her idol, and when people disturb her while she's reading, she gets annoyed a lot more easily than usual.

Interests, Hobbies, and Talents

She likes to act, but she's not the best at it. She's tried to get into the drama club multiple times, but the club has always rejected her, and told her she's just not "Acting material." She takes rejection from the club pretty well, it only hurt the first and second time, but the third time, it the pain of rejection peaked, and now she doesn't really bother trying out for the club, because she knows she'll get rejected for the same stupid reason.

She also likes Poetry, but she rarely writes any of it. She frequently underestimates herself, and her classmates think she's actually a good poet.

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