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This character sheet was created by Silkvale.

Biographical Information

Full Name

  • Katie - "Pure"
  • Andrea - "Brave"
  • Constanza - "Steadfastness"


  • Kate - Used by everybody around the academy.

Set Age

  • Certified Birthdate: September 5th, 1991.
  • Astrological Sign: Virgo
  • Chinese Zodiac Animal: Sheep


  • Gender: Female

Family and Culture

Gino Constanza - (Father)

  • Gino is a man who truly is confident in himself. He is proud that his daughter is trying to figure out who she is, He doesn't dare question her idol. Throughout Katie's childhood, he's always been there to help Katie out with her problems, and help her with homework. He is 46 years old.

Andrea D'Angelo - (Mother)

  • Katie and her mother are highly similar, as they both idolize the same celebrity. Andrea however has actually met their idol, once. Ever since then, Andrea has taken a strong admiration to her idol's beauty, she wishes she could be just as beautiful as her idol.


Bonnie Constanza - (Younger Sister)

  • Bonnie is spoiled to the max. She is only two years younger than Katie, she thinks Katie and Andrea's idol is ugly and stupid. Katie and Andrea however are unaware of Bonnie's opinion on their idol.

Is there still contact with family at Bullworth?

  • Yes there is. Bonnie is in 7th grade at Bullworth Academy. Her mom works as a hairdresser in the salon of Old Bullworth Vale, and her father is an a pilot who flies out of the airport that is nearby Bullworth.

Physical Description

Basic Description

  • Hair Color: Beige Brown dyed Bomber Black
  • Eye Color: Graphite Gray
  • Weight: 110 lbs
  • Height: 5'4

Advanced Description

  • Figure/Build: Slim
  • Birthmarks/Distinguishing Features/Scars: None
  • Frequently Worn Jewelry: Nose Piercing on the right nostril.
  • Writing Hand: Right Handed

Personal Information

Current Living Arrangements: Bullworth Academy, Girls dorm room 54.

Originated From: Bullworth, New Hampshire

Travelled Territories: Italy

Fears: None

Religions/Beliefs: Catholic

  • Why? She grew up in a catholic household.

Health Informations

Physical Ailments/Issues/Disabilities: None

Addictions: None

Chronological Information

  • Profession: Student
  • Likes: Her idol's clothing line, Shopping, Acting
  • Dislikes: Being left out, Jocks, Misogynists

Goals/Ambitions: Become an author, or a burlesque dancer.

Most Painful Moment: None

Weapons/Equipment: Lipstick.

Personal Attributes


  • Pros: Friendly, Positive, Smart
  • Cons: Catty, Quick to lash out, Immature


  • Can put up with drama
  • Works from bell to bell
  • Says please and thank you


  • Can't tell if a compliment is real or not.
  • Gets mad easily
  • Can get extremely loud and nasty when angered

Stereotype: None

Fetishes/Strange Behaviors: Plays with her curls in her hair.

Ratings on personal qualities

Attractiveness: (7/10)

  • Despite she looks like a celebrity nobody really knows about, she has a pretty face, and she comes from two fairly attractive parents.

Physical Strength: (2/10)

  • When it comes to a fight, She can't exactly, but she can dodge and block a punch thrown by anybody.

Honesty: (8/10)

  • When she gets in trouble, she's likely to come clean. However, when her sister and her are in trouble, Katie is likely to bail her sister out and take the blame.

Rule Abiding: (9/10)

  • When it comes to rules, Katie plays it safe and follows the rules. She doesn't like Dr. Crabblesnitch, so she does her best to stay out of trouble.

Sociability: (4/10)

  • Katie rarely socializes with people, she's not anti-social, but she just doesn't want to be part of high school drama.

Bullworth Academy Information

Reason For Enrolling: It was close by, and her parents didn't want her to go to the public school in Eastside Bullworth.

Clique: None

Standing and Rank in Social Circle: Outcast

Room Number: 54

Roomates: Gianna Marinelli, Abigail McCulloch.

Favorite Subjects: English, History, Art

  • Why? "I like English because Mr. Galloway is such a nice guy. History is interesting because we learn something new each day. I like art because Ms. Phillips is so nice, and she's beautiful."

Least Favorite Subjects: Math, Gym

  • Why? "I dislike math because the teacher is an asshole. Gym sucks because Mr. Burton is a creep."

Relationships with people around the academy

Closest Friend(s)

Talia Von Webber

  • Despite she's only known Talia for five months, they've become close friends. They share quite a bit in common, they idolize the same celebrity, they don't like fake people, they both are intelligent, and they both dislike the greasers.


Cara Humboldt

  • Cara and Katie get along well. They frequently hang out. Cara frequently tries to get Katie into the drama club, but the president of the club frequently denies Cara's requests

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