Kelsey Glenn
Kelsey Yearbook
Kelsey Glenn
Birthday September ,15 1990
Aliases Kels.
Eye Color Emerald Green
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'0
Weight 108lb.
Clique Jocks
Status Cheerleader
Gender Female
Family Amanda Glenn(Mother)

Aaron Glenn(Brother)
Mike Glenn(Brother)

Hometown Milton, Georgia
Nationality African American
Affiliations -Mandy Wiles
-Christy Martin
-Pinky Gauthier
-Angie Ng
Kissable Yes
Creator Lilww3

"Having friends is such a hard job... Manipulating them is easy."

— Kelsey Glenn

Character Description

Kelsey has long, wavy brown hair, with green eyes. For makeup, she fashions herself with dark red lip gloss, soft pink blush, and skin matching eye shadow.

She wears the standard girl's uniform during her morning routine and switches to her cheerleading uniform after her first class, she styles it into either two pigtails that rest on her shoulders or a ponytail. She adds her own touch to her uniform by wearing thigh length socks and putting on jewelry, she doesn't wear them on her cheerleading outfit though.

In the winter, Kelsey wears a dark sweater that matches the color of her skirt, she switches her socks and shoes to white stockings and knitted wedge boots, she wears a fur hat to cover her head.

For her pajamas she wears a white camisole, white silk sweatpants and white ankle socks. For Halloween she wears a "sexy" sailor costume.

She's short yet curvy, she keeps this size as she has a strict diet and a vigorous exercise routine which is appointed to her by her trainer/brother, Mike.


Kelsey is one of the smaller students, but that doesn't stop her huge ego and manipulative attitude. She's loud and isn't afraid to fight. She holds herself and her brothers at high standards but often gets mad at Aaron due to his lazy and carefree lifestyle.

She's rarely in Crabblesnitch office because he tends to leave her alone because of the money Amanda donates to the "betterment" of Bullworth Academy.

Her attitude causes other students to loathe her, especially the Preppies and the Greasers whom she treats both like lower class citizens. She's very observant and careful of who she's around to insure that nothing comes back to her if anything was to happen.

Home life/Background/Etc

Despite coming from a family that gives her whatever she wants, Kelsey never was truly satisfied with what she had and grew up into a spoiled lifestyle, unlike her brothers who were more interested in other things that didn't relate to money. Growing up in Milton, Georgia, Kelsey had a lot of friends whom she mistreated and didn't care for causing her to be manipulative and uncaring towards others, She did however excel in dancing and cheering using this as a crutch to work her way up the social ladder. After her mom found a better job, she took her kids up north to Bullworth, New Hampshire and moved into the sub-district of Bullworth Vale.

All three of the kids were enrolled into Bullworth only two weeks before summer ended, giving them time to familiarize themselves with the area. When school opened up Kelsey immediately became rivals with Gary after exchanging harsh words with her on the first day. Gary never forgot this. Upon tryouts for the cheer squad she completely out shined the other girls and made her way onto the squad. She became Mandy's best friend and co-captain of the cheer squad.

She's able to use the jocks as her personal bodyguards and the cheerleaders as gossip gathers.


Character Gallery

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