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Biographical Information

Full Name & Pronunciation - Kelsey Sharon Glenn

Pronunciation: K EH L - see s h ah r oh n g l EH n

Meaning - Kelsey - fierce/ Sharon -plain / Glenn- valley

Set Age - 16

Certified Birthdate - September 15, 1990

Astrological Sign -  Leo

Chinese Zodiac - Lion

Gender - Female

Aliases & Preferred Nicknames – Kels, by close friends


Distant Descendants : African American

Dominant Descendants : Caucasian

Physical Description

Hair Color - Brown

Eye Color - Emerald Green

Weight – 102 lb

Height - 5/6

Typical Clothing Wear :

School(Fall-Summer)- Standard girls uniform with thigh length socks

School(Winter)- Dark sweater that matches the color of her skirt, she switches her socks and shoes to white stockings and knitted wedge boots, she wears a fur hat to cover her head.

Casual- A sweater that exposes her shoulder, capris and canvas shoes.

Sleepwear- White camisole, white silk sweatpants and white ankle socks

Gym- The usual gym uniform or cheer uniform.

Halloween- She wears a long light pink dress with a queen like crown.

Figure/Build - Short and curvy

Tattoos: none

Piercings: Quarter sized earrings on each ear, belly piercing.

Frequently Worn Jewelry: Silver bracelet on her right arm

Personal Information

Current Living Arrangements - Girls Dorm  

Originated from - Georgia, US

Traveled Territories - Georgia, New Hampshire, Florida, Louisiana

Hobbies - Cheerleading, shopping, Inline Skating, watching movies   

Fears – Arachnophobia, Kinemortophobia, Taphophobia.

Religion/Beliefs – Baptism

Health Behaviors

Physical Ailments/ Disabilities/ Issues – none

Addiction(s) - None

Why?: -

Any regular medication taken? –none

Chronological Information

Profession - Cheerleader, Local Fashionista.

Likes - Expensive clothing, manipulating, being treated nicely

Dislikes - Poor people, out-of-style clothing

Goals/Ambitions – Fashion Designer

Weapons/Equipment - None

Personal Attributes

Personality - Conscientiousness, Idealistic, and Domineering 

Strengths - Observant, Good Communication Skills, Persuasiveness 

Weaknesses - loose-tongued, 

Good Habits -  

Bad Habits -  

Fetishes/Strange Behaviors -  

Stereotype - The Rich Preppy Cheerleader  

As you know them better(and you like them) :  

As you know them better(and you hate them) : 

Ratings on Personal Qualities

Physical Strength : 0/10

[explanation here]

Attractive : 0/10

[explanation here]

Honesty : 0/10

[explanation here

] Rule Abiding : 0/10

[explanation here]

Sociability : 0/10

[explanation here]

Bullworth Academy Information

Reason for enrolling: Her mother wanted her to get a prestigious education and Bullworth was the closest private academy.

Clique - Jocks

Standing and Rank in Social Circle  - Co-Captain of Cheer Squad

Room Number – 118

Roommate(s)-  Christy & Pinky

Favorite Subject(s) – Art

Why?: "It's so fun and inspiring"

Least Favorite Subject(s) – Shop

Why?: "Its good to be around hot guys, but when they get sweaty, smelly, and annoying it's a no for me"

Favorite Teacher – Ms Philips

Why?: "She is like the best teacher ever."

Least Favorite Teacher – Coach Burton

Why?:"He's such a nasty old pervert!"


Language(s) – English

Schooling Level - 10th

Expertise – Sports

Chemistry - Midst

Math - Midst

English - High

Geography - Midst

Politics/Law - High

Economy - Low

Cooking/Culinary - High

Shop - Low

Botany/Biology - Low

Mythology -High

Art - High

Photography - High

Reading Level - Above Average

Overall Intelligence Level(s) - Interpersonal

Relationships Statuses 

Trusted Companions

Closest Friend(s):

Mandy Wiles: Since Kelsey's arrival at Bullworth Academy, she wanted to establish herself at Bullworth so trying out for the cheer squad was her way to do it. In just a a couple months, Kelsey became Co-Captain of the squad and she was able to become best friends with her, even occasionally having sleepovers in each others dorm room.


Pinky Gauthier: Kelsey doesn't normally associate herself with preppies because they're snootier than her, but she thinks Pinky is different... more kind-hearted. If she's not with Mandy or the Jocks she most likely will be with Pinky.

Christy Martin: Kelsey is friends with Christy because she's on the cheer squad, they do however gossip among each other when Christy isn't with Angie. Kelsey uses Christy to get gossip out to the other students.

Angie Ng: Angie is more of a casual friend to Kelsey, only seen talking too her when she's with other cheerleaders or asking for help.

Hated Rivals

Worst Enemies –

Gary Smith: The biggest reason Kelsey has a hatred of Gary is that he's made her freshman year at Bullworth terrible. In retaliation, she lets out some rumors to the students, because of this she is seen as Gary's female counterpart.

Jimmy Hopkins: Similar to the other jocks, Kelsey dislikes Jimmy from the very start because of his status as new kid.

Johnny Vincent: Kelsey sets Johnny way below her and constantly belittles him in class by calling him names and purposely cause trouble for him and the greasers.

Earnest Jones: As usual, the jocks hate the nerds especially Earnest, but Kelsey hates him because she caught him spying on her through her dorm window.

Intolerable Students -


Mandy Wiles

Harmless Acquaintances

Tolerated Students -

Tolerated Townsfolk -

Hot Encounters

Hinted Attractions - Bif Taylor

Crush(es) - Ted Thompson, Johnny Vincent

Lover(s) - None

Ex(s) - Luis Luna

Extra Information

Eating Habits

Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore – Omnivore

Favorite Food(s): Roasted Chicken with a side of mash potatoes and peas.

Favorite Drink(s): Pink Lemonade

Disliked Food(s): Beef Nachos

Disliked Drink(s): Alcoholic Beverages

Added Information

Proclaimed Theme Song(s) - Win Again by Nicki Minaj

Scent – Expensive perfume

Favorite Color: Lavender

Favorite Season: Fall

Favorite Animal: Dogs

Favorite Music Genre: R&B

Most Memorable Quote – "My attitude is based on how you treat me."

Opinions on students who reside at Bullworth Academy


Davis White: "Um...Irrelevant??"

Ethan Robinson: "Nerd wannabe??"

Russell Northrop: "Is it legal to allow a gorilla on campus??"

Tom Gurney: "Ew no"

Trent Northwick: "He should deal with those pimples on his forehead"

Troy Miller: "He can tone the voice down"

Wade Martin: "He's an idiot"


Hal Esposito: "I have never seen someone so hungry in my life"

Johnny Vincent: "Ok I'll admit it, I don't like him but he's a hottie..."

Lefty Mancini: "He's about my size unlike the others, it's weird"

Lola Lombardi: "It's true that she's a whore you know"

Lucky De Luca: "His eyes are so beautiful.... I mean, ew"

Norton Williams: "He smells like he hasn't washed himself"

Peanut Romano: "They don't call him Peanut for nothin'"

Ricky Pucino: "He's a bit rude to me"

Vance Medici: "I seen him making out with another guy the other day"


Bo Jackson: "I guess he's a little bit cute"

Casey Harris: "I've been with him before... his private isn't so amusing..."

Damon West: "I've seen his test scores, he's a true idiot"

Dan Wilson: "He's very... guyish??"

Juri Karamazov: "He's misogynistic and the other jocks don't see it when I tell them, to say he was my friend.."

Kirby Olsen: "I'm glad someone notices my shoes for once"

Luis Luna: "He said I was too high maintence so I dumped his ass and cut up his clothes for wrestling"

Mandy Wiles: "She thinks I'm her friend but I'm going after her spot on the cheer squad."

Ted Thompson: "Poor Mandy's gonna be heart broken when I steal her boyfriend."


Algernon Papadopoulos: "I told him that he should go back to diapers"

Beatrice Trudeau: "I think she's nice, it's just... she's not "Cheer Squad" material."

Bucky Pasteur: "Buck tooth Bucky?? What a loser!"

Corneilus Johnson: "That idiot played Juliet in the school play"

Donald Anderson: "I should tell the principal about him...very suspicious looking guy"

Earnest Jones: "I caught him in the girls locker spying on me!"

Fatty Johnson: "He is so gross"

Melvin O'Connor: "He called me a wench... whatever that is"

Thad Carlson: "That lisp is so disgusting"


Angie Ng: "She is so clumsy it's unbelievable."

Christy Martin: "She gossips too much"

Constantinos Brakus:

Eunice Pound: "She's so annoying, I'm not giving her a spot on the team."

Gary Smith: "Why does everyone compare me to this maniac, I am nothing like him!"

Gloria Jackson:

Gordon Wakefield:

Ivan Alexander: "No matter how many times I tell him, Ted is not his friend."

Jimmy Hopkins:

Karen Johnson:

Lance Jackson:

Melody Adams:

Pedro De La Hoya:

Pete Kowalski:

Ray Hughes:

Sheldon Thompson:

Trevor Moore:


Bif Taylor: Bryce Montrose: Chad Morris: Derby Harrington: Gord Vendome: Justin Vandervelde: Parker Ogilvie: Pinky Gauthier: Tad Spencer:

Opinion on Adults who teach and patrol at Bullworth Academy

Miss Danvers: Miss Peters: Mr. Burton: Mr. Galloway: Mr. Hattrick:

Mr. Luntz: Mr. Matthews: Mr. Wiggins: Mrs. Carvin: Mrs. MacRae: Mrs Peabody: Ms. Phillips: Neil:

Prefects –

Edward Seymour II: Karl Branting: Max MacTavish: Seth Kolbe:

Opinions on People in the cities of Bullworth


Clint (aka Henry): Duncan: Edgar Munsen: Gurney: Jerry: Leon: Omar Romero: Otto Tyler: Zoe Taylor:

Residents in the city of Bullworth

Bethany Jones: Denny: Dr. Bambillo: Krakauer: Mihailovich: Miss Abby: Mr. Brekindale: Mr. Buckingham: Mr. Castillo: Mr. Doolin: Mr. Huntingdon: Mr. Johnson: Mr. Martin: Mr. Ramirez: Mr. Salvatore: Mr. Smith: Mr. Sullivan: Ms. Rushinski Mrs. Lisburn: Osborne:

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