Calling for Help

  • Help! Help me!
  • I need some help!
  • Help me now!
  • Somebody help me please!

Bumped Into

Friendly Terms

  • Oops, I'll watch out next time.
  • Oh my bad.
  • Sorry! My mistake!
  • I'm sorry sweetie, I gotta watch my surroundings.

Unfriendly Terms

  • Watch it!
  • You're so clumsy!
  • Oh my god, Watch it!
  • Hey, watch it idiot!
  • Loser, watch where you're going!
  • Get out of my way!
By Townie/Dropout
  • Sorry sweetie, some of us have things to do in our life. S'cuse me!
By Jimmy when Respect is Low
  • I can't believe I bumped into an idiot like you, now move!
By Greaser
  • Great now I have to wash my clothes because of you.
By Nerd
  • Get out of my way nerd!
By Prep
  • Excuse me, snob!

Hit by Vehicle

  • What's wrong with you!
  • Someone call an ambulance!
  • Owwww...
  • You'll be hearing from my lawyer!

Saying Goodbye

  • I'll see you later!
  • I have something else to do, bye.
  • Mandy probably needs me, nice chatting with ya.
  • See you soon sweetie!

Bike Related

Crashing Bike

  • Ah! Damn it!
  • Stupid thing!
  • I hope my mom buys me a car!
  • Not again!

Seeing Bike Trick

  • Wow, cool!
  • Be careful!
  • Awesome!

Reacting to Failed Bike Trick

  • Haha! Loser!
  • Try better next time dork!
  • Wow...
  • That's just sad...

Stealing Bike

  • This is mine now.
  • Thanks for getting this bike for me!
  • I needed a new bike anyway.

Bike Stolen From

  • Hey, give it back!
  • Stop! Thief!
  • No!
  • Someone call the police!
  • Stop him! Somebody!


  • This is like sooooo fun!
  • Let's go on the rollercoaster!
  • Lets visit the fun house!
  • Can you win me a bear?
  • The Big Squid was awesome!


  • Get back here!
  • Stop running!
  • Hey!

Escaped From

  • Ugh, I'm gonna tell the football team to deal with this.
  • I can't believe this.
  • Why did I waste my time.

Out of Breath

  • Need....water..
  • Ew...sweat..

Wandering Around/Chatter

  • I never realized how beautiful the sky is.
  • Wonder where Mandy is.
  • I can't wait till I become captain of the cheer squad.
  • I'm like soooo amazing.
  • Class feels like it's only getting longer.
  • I can really go for a snack.


  • Hey! That's not right!
  • Wow, how wrong is that!
  • That isn't ethical!


  • That was... weird.
  • Wait... huh?


  • Grats!
  • I'm sooo happy for you!
  • That's amazing!


Ambient Conversation

  • We should totally go to the plaza one day.
  • Let's talk about me now.
  • That loser Ivan really thinks Ted is his friend.
  • The food here is so disgusting! I swear I saw it moving!
  • The boys keeping egging the dorm! An egg hit my window yesterday!
  • That Donald kid tried to flirt with me in Chemistry the other day.
  • You should come to the next game.
  • I really gotta start closing my curtains at night. Those boys are so perverted.
  • Being a cheerleader is such a task.
  • Casey is such a idiot, he can't even ask a girl out without sounding like an pig.
  • Lola smells like cheap perfume, no wonder why she's not on the squad.
  • I should totally take you shopping so you don't have to dress like trash.
  • Coach Burton is such a perv.
  • I cannot handle the smell of the dead animals in Biology.
  • Those other cheerleaders need serious improvement.
  • That Hopkins kid is like such a pain.
Chapter 1
  • Another year at Bullworth.
Chapter 2
  • Finally, I can go shopping in Old Bullworth Vale
Chapter 3
  • Ugh, winter is so awful.
Chapter 4
  • I gotta start practicing for the big game.
Chapter 5
  • Blue Skies causes so much heat, it's ruining my hair.
Chapter 6
  • This was a crazy year...

Reacting to Rumor

  • Are you serious?!
  • No way
  • Oh my god.
  • I can't believe it!
  • That's crazy.


  • As if.
  • Whatever.
  • I heard about that.
  • Let's talk about me now.
  • That's interesting.
  • That's really crazy.
To Question
  • I'm not that type of person.
  • Um, sure.
  • Who do you think I am?!
  • Nah, sounds boring.


  • Don't I look cute today?
  • Is Christy gossiping about me?
  • Wanna go shopping?
  • Do you know how long it takes for me to get ready in the morning?

Ending Conversation

  • I'll talk to you later.
  • Be safe.
  • I gotta go, I'll see you later.

Dodgeball Related


  • They obviously cheated!
  • This is unacceptable!
  • I wasn't supposed to lose!

Defeated Team

  • If your team actually tried you might've won.
  • Haha! Losers!
  • I feel so bad for you guys, oh wait I don't!

Trash Talking Player

  • My grandma can throw better than that!
  • Scared to hit a girl?
  • Try harder and you might hit me.

Trash Talking Opposite Team

  • Losers!
  • Jocks always win, you think you have a chance?
  • Good luck dorks!


  • Yay!
  • Another victory for me!
  • Come back when you learn to play!

Team Victory

  • We did it guys!
  • Yes! We won!
  • Goooooo Bullworth!!


  • Did you really think this wasn't gonna happen?
  • Oh are you gonna cry?
  • Think of the positives if there are any.


  • That's so mean!
  • I'm telling my brother!
  • What is wrong with you!


  • Ugh! That's disgusting!

Don't Hit

  • I'm supposed to be your friend!
  • Stop that hurts!
  • What is wrong with you, I'm on your side!


  • It's getting dark and I would really like it if you could bring me back to the dorm.
  • Those Bullies stole my bag! Jimmy can you please get it back!
  • Can you bring these books back to the library for me? There almost due.


  • How dare you!?
  • Your in for it kid!
  • You're so dead!

Bragging After Winning

  • Why did you even try?
  • Ha! I win again!
Fighting a Townie/Dropout
  • Why do I even bother with a dropout!
Fighting a Greaser
  • Get your dirty, greasy hands away from me!
Fighting a Nerd
  • I'll knock those glasses into your face!
Fighting a Prep
  • Can't buy your way outta this!

Fight Instigated

  • Do you WANT an ass kicking?!
  • I'll hit you so hard you're ancestors will feel it!
  • You're basically asking me to kick your ass.

Beaten/Knocked Out

  • C-call the nurse.
  • I can't believe it...
  • I never lose...

Spit On

  • You can't do that, I'm a girl!

Watching a Fight

  • Stop being so barbaric!
  • Kick their ass!
  • Stop fighting!

Surprised regarding Fight

  • W-what?
  • What's going on?

Fire Alarm

  • Finally some action around here


  • Haha..haaa...
  • It wasn't anything, just silliness
  • D-don't worry about it.

Food Fight

  • Don't get food on me!

Freak Show

  • That's so freaky

Giving Gift

  • Here's something from me to you.

Given Gift Too

Receiving Gift

  • Oh my god thank you!
  • That's so sweet of you.


  • Thanks so much, love ya sweetie.

Demanding Cash

  • It'll be kind of you to donate some money to me.
  • I need some shopping money, and I expect it to come from you.
  • A pretty girl needs some money to make a living in this school.
  • I just need a bit to pay for tax.

  • So generous.
  • Thanks for the cash sweetie.
  • You better have more than this next time.


  • Nice to meet you!
  • How's it going!
  • It's nice to see you again.

Older Woman

  • Morning mam.
  • Good Afternoon mam.

Older Man

  • Morning sir.
  • Good Afternoon sir.

Jimmy When He is Wearing Nice Clothes

  • Looking stunning today Hopkins~
  • I like your hat Jimmy.
  • Someone has good taste in shoes.
  • Nice top, where did ya buy it?


  • Hey, strong, tall, and handsome.

High Respect

  • Hi Jimmy!
  • How's it goin' Hopkins?
  • Heeey Hopkins!


Low Respect
  • You're wasting my time already.
  • We aren't friends, get lost loser.
  • Don't talk to me, I don't like you
Thinks Their Current Appearance is Not Good
  • This weather is messing with my hair.
  • Maybe I need to cut down on eating again...

Surprised to Receive Help

  • Can you help a pretty girl like me?
  • I need you! Please help me!

Requesting Help

  • Jimmy I really need your help.
  • Hey Hopkins I need you for a minute.
  • Jimmy do you have time to help me.


Offering Assistance

  • I can help you if you need it.
  • Need any help Hopkins?

About to Leave

  • This was fun but I have other things to do.
  • Sorry Jimmy but I gotta go.

Asking for Help

  • I need help over here!
  • Help me now!
  • Don't just stand there, help me!


  • I suggest you walk away before you get hurt.
  • I can kick your ass right here and right now.
  • If you had half of a brain, you wouldn't be here right now.
  • You're stupider than the public school kids.


  • Are we gonna have a problem!
  • I'm gonna kick your ass!
  • This is your last chance to walk away!
  • You got some balls idiot!

New Kid

  • I hope you enjoy your stay new kid!


  • Did you go dumpster diving?
  • I think you need a better barber because that hair is a mess?
Similar to Them but Low Respect
  • Yeah... stop being a wannabe.


  • Excuse me?!
  • That is not right one bit!
  • What are you doing you A-hole!

Jimmy After Respect is Lost

  • Beat it, has been.


  • HA! You're such an idiot!
  • You aren't worth the dirt on my shoe!
  • Dweeb!


  • W-why are you being so mean?
  • I was raised to be nice!
  • Don't b-be so rude....
  • Why would you say something like that! (Crying)
  • (Screaming and Crying)
Not Intimidated
  • Yeah, whatever.
  • You think that hurts?
  • Ha, try harder sweetie.
  • Awwww you couldn't hurt a fly.
  • Don't hurt yourself sweetie.
  • I needed a laugh today.
  • Don't hit me!
  • Stop!
  • Have you lost it!?
  • Ow! You hit me!
  • I-I'll go
  • Hey, b-be cool...
  • P-please leave me alone... please..
Sucking Up
  • I always found you handsome..
  • I'll go out with you...
  • You can come hang with me any day..


Short Laugh

  • Hahaa! Idiot!

Long Laugh

  • AaaHahaaahaaaa! I can't take it! Ahaaaa!


  • Oh this won't do.. I'll get my revenge.


  • G-gross (Vomiting)

Hit by a Dead Rat

  • A dead rat! What the hell is wrong with you!
  • Revolting! A rat? seriously!

Helping Friend/Cliquemate

  • I'm coming!
  • Hold in there pal!


Seeing Something Cool

  • Wow, that's really cool!
  • Awesome!

Seeing Something Lame

  • I'm not impressed.
  • Whatever.


  • What is wrong with you?
  • You're gonna have to pay for that.
  • Hey, what's the deal!

Weapon Fired

  • Don't hit me!
  • Point that away from me!

Something in Store

  • I should buy it.

Hit by Stink Bomb

  • That smells worse than the lunch food.
  • Ugh, disgusting!


  • Sir, someone is causing a disturbance.
  • Mam, I need you to please deal with this student.

Leading the Way

  • Follow me!
  • I know the way, come on!

When Character does not Follow

  • I said come on!
  • Don't stand there! Let's go!


  • It's not fair!

What's That?

  • What is that?

Boy/Jimmy spotted in Girls' Dorm

  • There's a boy in here!
  • Ms. Peabody!!!
  • Jimmy!! What are you doing in here!!
  • AHHHHHH! Get this boy out of here!

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