"This whole town's messed up"
— Keyun
Keyun Harroway
Keyun Harroway
Birthday December 1st, 1989
Aliases - Mark 69
- Harroway
Eye Color Sepia Brown
Hair Color Brilliant black
Height 6'3
Grade Junior
Clique Jocks
Status Defense
Relationship Status Single
Gender Male
Family Carnell Harroway - Father
Keisha Choates
Hometown Seaside, California
Nationality African American
Rival Antonio Edwards
Affiliations Darell Lewis - Best friend
Main Hangouts Football field
Creator Westside JDM

Keyun Harroway is a recreation of a first generation Original Character created by Westside JDM.


He stands at a height of 6'3. He has brilliant black hair, with sepia brown eyes.

He wears his football jersey, with blue jeans. His team number is 99. In the winter, he puts on a letter man jacket, and a black beanie


He's paranoid that somebody's going to attack him for no reason. He only beats those up that deserve it. In turn, if a nerd attacks him, he'll attack them back. If he's pissed off enough, he'll be sure to show no mercy.

When he's with his teammates, he's always reminding them not to act like idiots, when they are always acting like idiots. He always wants to act like he's their dad, despite he shows no authority in the clique.

In the presence of a girl, he attempts to flirt with them, usually getting rejected by them.

Interests, hobbies and talents

He is an astute football player, he's played since the first grade, and he wants to become a football player in the NFL, and he's quite talented at what he does.

He also likes collecting basketball memorabilia. He has a couple of golden state warriors jerseys, and vikings jerseys. He also plays NBA 2006 in his free time.

He likes cars. He drives an '03 Dodge Charger SRT8, and his dad drives a '68 El Camino. He lowers his car every once in a while, and has loud bass speakers, he also has TVs in his trunk, with a gaming system in it, complete with a supercharged V8 motor.

He likes airplanes. If he doesn't become a football player, he'll become an airline pilot, with the intent of flying the airbus A340-600, or the Boeing 777-300ER.

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