"Why am I always looking at the cheerleaders' shoes?"
— Kirby Olsen

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Kirby Olsen is a member of the Jocks clique in Bully.

Kirby Olsen
Clique Jocks
Gender Male
Kissable Yes
Missions Movie Tickets
The Gym Is Burning
Voice Actor Chris Kromer

Character Summary

Kirby is a small jock, and has thick brown hair that is combed to the right, along with chocolate brown eyes. Usually, Kirby wears a blue team sweater, gray slacks, and white gym shoes. In the winter, he wears a letterman jacket, most likely as he is on the Varsity team.

On the Bullworth football team, Kirby plays wide receiver. On an early model of Kirby's character on Tyler Wilson's website, Kirby was labeled the quarterback, suggesting that he was originally meant to be the Bullworth quarterback instead of Ted. He is the youngest student in the history of Bullworth Academy to recieve a varsity letter, an he is very proud of this, and brags of it often. However, he appears to dislike playing wide receiver, and seems pessimistic in regard to his future success. His team number is 11.

Kirby is a closeted bisexual, which becomes apparent as whenever Jimmy kisses him, he begs Jimmy to not tell anyone about it. Additionally, upon being seen on a movie date with Trent Northwick, Kirby runs away crying out that he "only wants to play football". His attraction to girls is centered at their feet, and he can often be heard wondering why he is always looking at the cheerleaders' shoes, or talking about Ms. Philips' feet. Apparently, he also plans to put the moves on Mandy.

He is famous for his use of the word 'poundcake' when referring to beatings. He calls his biceps "the Big Guns", and seems to have a rocky relationship with his teammates. He believes he is not respected as a football player or an individual, and he is especially turbulent towards Ted. He may have been hazed before joining the clique, and can often be seen with Dan Wilson in missions.


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